Crochet & Knitting Abbreviations

In case you are a newbie a crochet or knitting sample, the primary time

your eyes will roll. What the heck is it saying? Historically these patterns

use abbreviations. I’ll clarify in full element what they imply.

Particular Tip: When you find yourself starting to be taught the artwork of crocheting, its a good suggestion (to confuse your self much less) to jot down what the abbreviations imply in lengthy hand. After I print out a sample, I write within the margin, in lengthy hand, what the abbreviations imply. Use this desk to decipher the crochet or knitting sample code!



alt – alternate

approx – approx


beg – start or starting

wager – between

BL / bk lp – again loop (s)

BLO – again loop solely

bo – bobble

BO – bind off

BP – again submit

BPdc – again submit double crochet (s)

BPsc – again submit single crochet (s)

BPTr – again submit triple crochet (s)


CA – shade A

CB – shade B

CC – contrasting shade

ch (s) – chain (s)

ch-space = area beforehand made

ch- – consult with chain beforehand made / labored

ch-sp – chain area

CL (s) – cluster (s)

cm – centimeter

cn – cable needle

cont – proceed

CO – solid on cont


dc – double crochet

dc2tog – double crochet 2 stitches collectively

dec – lower

DP or dpn – double pointed needle (s)

dtr / dtrc – double triple / treble crochet


ea – every

est – established

ext – extension


FLO – entrance loop solely

foll – comply with

FP – entrance submit

FPdc – entrance submit double crochet (s)

FPSc – entrance submit single crochet (s)

FPtr / FPtrc – entrance submit triple / treble crochet (s)

FL / ft lp – entrance loop (s)


g or gr – grams

grp (s) – teams


hdc – half double crochet (s)

hk – hook


inc – improve

in (s) or "- inch (es)


ok – knit

k1b – knit 1 within the row under

k1b – knit via the again loop

k2tog – knit 2 collectively

k2togb – Knit 2 stitches collectively via again loop

k3tog – knit three collectively

k3togb – Knit three stitches collectively via again loop

Kfb – knit in back and front of st


LH – left hand needle

lp (s) – loop (s)

lp st – loop sew


MC – fundamental shade

M1-make one

M2 – make two

m – meters

mm – millimeters

measure – measure (s)


ndl (s) – needle (s)


oz – ounce (s)

opp – reverse


pat (s) – sample (s)

PC (s) – popcorn (s)

pm – placemaker

prev – earlier

prev – earlier

psso – move slipped sew over

p2sso – move 2 slipped sts over

p – purl

p-wise – purl-wise, or as if to purl

p1b – purl via the again loop

p2tog – purl 2 collectively

p2togb – purl 2 collectively in again

p3tog – purl three collectively

PU – choose up


rf – proper entrance

rem – stay

rep – repeat (s)

rev sc / reverse sc – reverse single crochet

rnd (s) – spherical (s)

RS – proper aspect

RH – proper hand needle

Rev St st – reverse stockinette sew

rsc – reverse single crochet


sc – single crochet

sc2tog – single crochet 2 stitches collectively

sc3tog – single crochet three collectively

sk – skip (ped)

sk2p – Slip 1, k2tog, move sl st over

sl st – slip sew

sp (s) – area (s)

SP or spn – single-pointed needles

st (s) – sew (es)

St st – stockinette sew

skp – slip 1, knit 1, move slipped sew over

sl – slip

slip1-k1-psso – slip 1, knit 1, move slip sew over

sm – slip marker

sq (s) – sq. (s)

ssk – slip, slip, knit


tbl – via the again loop

tch / t-ch – turning chain

tog – collectively

tr / trc – treble / triple crochet

tr tr / trtrc – triple treble crochet / triple triple crochet (s)


WS – incorrect aspect

wyib – with yarn in again

wyif – with yarn in entrance




YB or ytb – yarn to again of labor

YF or ytf – yarn to entrance of labor

yd – yard (s)

yo – yarn over

yoh – yarn over hook

YRN – yarn spherical needle

What does the asterisk

imply once you see it in a crochet or knitting sample?

It's used to point out you what number of instances to repeat the directions. It can additionally point out quite a few what number of instances to repeat.

What does the () Parentheses imply once you see them in a crochet or knitting sample?

Once you see this in a sample, it implies that you do what the sample says instantly after it. Instance (sk2p). Parentheses are additionally used to supply extra info.