Dog Booties And Dog Coats

Every owner knows by now that dressing your dog up in a coat and booties for winter walks is essential. It protects your canine from frostbite and helps make the trip outdoors much more comfortable. Even hounds with thick natural fur can benefit from the extra cover clothing gives on their backs. Aside from meeting these needs, winter dog clothes can be used to enhance winter fun with your dog. I found this to be true with my Chihuahua that loves rolling in the snow. What can I say? He's not your typical Chi Chi.

My other two small Chihuahuas despise ice and sunbathe every chance they get. Anyways, he loves rubbing his face in freshly fallen snow or diving his whole body into a snow drift. There's nothing cuter than letting him run free in the park over some powdered snow and watching him disappear and reappear from the deep snow. Of course, I can not let him run and play too much, or else his wet nose may become a frozen nose. However, with a good coat and some boots, he can play for over an hour and be comfortable and warm. If your dog is like mine, here are some fun ideas for a winter day outside.

First of all, the classic game of go fetch with a ball or stick stick becomes immensely more enjoyable for both owner and dog when you add a few feet of snow to the ground. Booties will protect their paws and keep them running in the ice and snow, and a good, thick coat and sweaters will prevent too much heat loss. This is important since running around in cold air will increase the amount of heat lost. Secondly, if you want your dog to still enjoy the dog run on a snowy day, just dress him up in the coat and booties before heading over there. Hopefully, some of his puppy friends will have the same kind of pampering parents and they can stay warm while playing together.