Need Boot Covers? Learn the Top Uses for Neoprene Boot Covers

Boot covers and shoe covers have typically been used in the contracting industry to ensure that contractors maintain their insurance by keeping their safety boots at at all times on a job site. In addition, slipping a boot cover over the safety boot will unduly protect a customer's home from dirt and debris. In a business where word of mouth is essential for attaining new customers, customer service is king. Wearing neoprene booties over safety boots is one of the ways to keep your customers happy.

Why Use this Practical Product

Neoprene boot covers are such a practical product for contractors because they easily slip over a safety boot, they are reusable, washable, and offer a non-slip grip that protects a contractor from falling. In addition, this product is low cost and lasts four to six months of heavy use. The same reasons that make neoprene boot covers such a practical product for contractors make these neoprene booties bought after by many other non-conventional markets.

Other Uses for Neoprene Booties

Painters, cleaners and property management companies as well as phone and Internet technicians seek out the benefits of using neoprene boot covers for similar reasons to contractors. They all understand that decreasing the time and cost of clean-up after a job is a huge asset. These businesses also know that by wearing shoe covers, they come across as more professional to their customers because they are respectful of their space.

Hospitals originally used paper and plastic disposable shoe covers, to keep hospital areas clean of debris; however, these disposable shoe covers tear, and are only good for one use. Medical facilities are beginning to switch over to neoprene shoe covers for both the practicality of their use, as well as the fact that they are more environmentally friendly and cost less in the long run.

Some additional uses for neoprene boot covers have been found. Marina workers, who detail, and fix mechanical problems in expensive boats, are increasingly aware that using neoprene booties keeps the interiors and exteriors of boats clean and scratch free. The non-slip grip also offers protection against slips on-board these boats.

Those in swimming pool installation businesses used to have their employees take off their shoes and wear socks while changing out a pool liner in order not to rip it. By wearing neoprene booties, they can continue to wear their safety boots or shoes, and not worry about teasing the liner.

Skiers hate taking their ski boots off when entering a chalet. They have discovered that neoprene boot covers are a great time saver if they have forgotten something at their chalet so they can run in quickly without the laborious process of taking off their boots.

Individuals who have prosthetic legs are also seeking a way to cover their shoes from snow, and dirty outdoor conditions so they can keep a shoe on their prosthetic when coming indoors.

Neoprene boot covers were initially designed with the contractor in mind; however, when a simple, inexpensive product makes sense in both safety and practical applications, it just makes sense that others would find them useful. The only remaining question is how this neoprene footwear cover can help you.