50's Party Ideas

50's party ideas and games can be turned into a great theme party, especially if you know people who share the same enthusiasm for the time as you do. Many people are not always sure if they like the idea of ​​a fifties theme party until they have something to jog their memory for the time line. Usually, when you mention the rock and roll era, and particularly the movie Grease starring John Travolta, the expression on their face changes and you know that you have hit a connection. If you are looking for some 50's party decorating ideas, take a look at the movie Grease and you are bound to find a way to build some atmosphere at your place.

The music star of the time was Elvis Presley, but other groups were known and loved as well. Some of these groups were The Platters, Bill Haley and The Drifters. The movie star of the day was Marilyn Monroe. Many of the styles that people from today like to dress in are bowling shirts, leather jackets and poodle skirts. The big hair styles of the time, especially the greaser style with the ducktail and the comb that kept it neat in the back pocket of their jeans with a white t-shirt tucked in. This is the time when sock hops became the big thing for school aged kids.

Women worn the crazy beehive or pigtails and poodle skirts. The main colors were pink and Powder blue. The food of the time that was popular for this age group is easy to serve at any party and includes fries, hamburgers, ice cream and soda floats. Some of the activities that you can enjoy at your party are fifties karaoke, the fifties addition of trivial pursuit, the twist, a type of dance, the limbo and the stroll. Have yourself a sock hop and watch the movie Grease, and have a bubble gum blowing contest.