6 Important Things to Consider When Buying Baby Pajamas Online

Shopping for baby pajamas online is a great way to snag something a little different from what everyone is buying on the high street. There are a lot of niche baby and children clothing brands out there to choose from, so the search is endless. Whether you are buying baby PJs or indeed any types of kids clothes online there are a few things to look out for to ensure that you avoid costly mistakes.

Check the returns policy.

Any reputable brand should accept returns within a reasonable time period. As brands differ in sizing for example, it is key to have the assurance that you can get an exchange or refund if for any reason your selection is not quite right.

Check the individual sizing of that brand.

Often it is safer to go up a size to ensure that the fit won’t be too snug. Most websites will have their own size charts. It is worth the time to check them out just to be safe.

When buying newborn baby gifts, consider the sizing carefully.

If appropriate, it is worth speaking to the mother to be or the new mom to get an idea of what size is the best to go for. They may well have already received an abundance of outfits in the newborn or 3 month sizes. In fact many mothers recount how they end up giving away outfits that their child never got a chance to wear before growing out of them. Often moms will appreciate something in a larger size so that they get a better range of wardrobe when the newborn hype has passed.

Look for the comfort factor

When you buy baby pajamas online, it can be hard to ascertain whether or not they will be comfortable. However you can improve your chances of this by ticking off certain criteria when searching for baby boy or baby girl PJs. When buying for newborns you should ensure that the brand mentions comfortable waistbands or reference to ensuring comfort in their advertising. Be very mindful of comfort around the waistband especially if the baby’s cord is still in tact or has recently fallen off, as it will be very sensitive in the area. Avoid anything that may rub.

Good quality, comfy fabrics

Ensure that you use good quality fabrics. Go for organic cotton for the first few months, as new babies can be sensitive. Avoiding anything that may have had chemical exposure is vital, particularly when skin is young and vulnerable. Bamboo baby clothes are particularly appropriate for newborns as they are the softest baby clothes, especially if made of more than 80% fabric sourced from bamboo. This fabric is temperature regulating, quick drying and incredibly soft, promoting the best night’s sleep. It is certainly worth trialing some bamboo pajamas and comparing the difference yourselves.

Style and comfort is achievable – playing safe is vital

Whilst it can be tempting, it is best to avoid going over the top with intricate styles and too much detail, particularly around the neck. Avoid long saggy things and then uncomfortable rough detail like lace and sequins or too many tight buttons and bows. This is more applicable for younger babies. Just be sensible and think about it from the wearer’s perspective! Also make sure that any extra bits are not detachable, as they will inevitably end up in the mouth! There are many beautiful colours and beautifully patterned fabrics to choose from so go for these, but stick to simple comfy styles. Ensure that the product has safety labels and also check to see that they have passed safety testing like the oeko-tex 100 standard, which ensures there are no chemical residues on the fabric.

Which styles for when?

When buying Pajamas for newborns and babies up to 18 months, It is incredibly handy. It is convenient to have an all-in-one outfit. Also there is no risk of clothing riding up and exposing little bellies, which may happen with 2 piece outfits. Pajamas with a foot cover negate the need to put on little socks, which are hard to keep on! This style of clothing is so popular nowadays that there are even kids PJs, which even go up to teenage sizing. When a child hits 3-6 months, you can look to the transition into PJs, especially in the summer months. However most start making the transition at around 6-12 months into 2 piece pajamas.

Happy shopping!