Biker Jewelry: A New Bold Fashion Statement

If you want to try out something new other than your normal and rather mundane jewelry pieces and carve out a new avatar of yourself, then biker jewelry is a great option. If you want to change the look of your whole personality and flaunt a rough and tough, confident, self-dependent, bold macho look instantly or simply want to look like a rock star, then you may like to embrace these adornments.

The concept of biker jewelry is totally different from the everyday jewelry that you use. It is normally made of precious metals like sterling silver and made thick and quite heavy. Not just metals, use of leather made from snake-skin or alligator skin is also common. It has different motifs unlike the traditional jewelry you keep in the boxes. The motifs may be skulls, daggers, swords, chains, anchors, claws, fists, dragons, lion heads, dogs, eagles, snakes, vampires, scorpions etc. The motifs may appear bizarre and shocking to the onlookers and are bound to attract attention but this is what biker jewelry aims at, besides giving you a new personality. Here are some jewelry ideas for your biker and rock star look that you may like to flaunt.


You must have a huge skull pendant in your collection. You can either pick up a piece made of sterling silver or stainless steel. You have numerous options to choose according to your choice. It can be a single huge skull, a twin skull, winged skull, pirate skull, cross and skull combo, cracked head skull, sword and skull combo, smiling skull etc. You may also like lion heads, scorpion, eagle, snake, or dragons as your pendant motifs. Look out for patina on sterling silver that enhances the details of the designs and the antique appearance. Just slide in the pendant of your choice in a plain thick sterling silver neck chain and you are ready to turn heads.


Your neck will speak for you when you add some biker necklaces in your collection. Sterling silver, gold-plated, stainless steel and leather necklaces are abundant in various styles and bold motifs. Skulls, motorcycle chains, daggers are popular motifs that come with flat and round curb links, square and oval links, anchor links etc. Embrace some and steal the show!


You have a huge variety of bracelets to choose from. You can go for thick bike chain bracelets; various styles of skull bracelets, etched curb bracelets, various motif link bracelets. If you are looking for something other than sterling silver or stainless steel, then you have the leather option to pick up from. You can get leather bracelets with different bold motifs.


You can have a ring with different motifs for each of your fingers. Skull rings look most appealing for your fingers. Various styles of skull carvings can be found. Though sterling silver and stainless steel are more popular choices when it comes to rings, but you can add more bling by picking up some gold-plated motif rings.


You can flaunt your ears with a number of bold biker earrings whether you have a single or multiple ear-piercing. Earrings come with similar motifs in wires, studs, posts, hoops and dangles. You can also make your ears look adorable by wearing ear cuffs along with earrings.

Biker jewelry is not just meant for bikers or rock stars. If you have the right attitude to carry them you can make a fashion statement that speaks of your freedom and independence. Flaunt and shock your folks and get noticed!