Board Shorts vs. Bored Togs

Swim wear isn’t only just a hot commodity to the sun bathing female species but is also a well-loved essential to a lot of beach bumming dudes. Though some would prefer swimming in the nude, most men still would want to fashion the latest and greatest trends in swimsuits. It seems that swim wear for men this year is leaning toward a much broader spectrum of garments. You have the classic Speedo-cut, the ultra moon friendly string numbers, and the ever reliable board short surfing apparel. Brands like Quicksilver, Body Glove, and Nike Swim have revolutionized modern men swimsuits, creating more options for all your beach and swimming pool needs. With a wide array of couture to choose from, you can go crazy shopping for the ones that strike your fancy.

Sure, the skimpier ones would probably look better on muscle-ridden athletes, but where in the Bible does it say you can’t wear them? Go to and find that perfect bottom for up to 50% off. The Speedo Summer Sale provides you big savings on the hottest suits this season. Check out the highly sought after Livewire Splice Brief. The printed number has accents of contrast piping that create the ultimate silhouette. The chlorine-resistant material, reinforced seams, superior low drag, and completely lined profile make it simply irresistible. It also has a non-slip draw string at the waist to keep it secure at all times. This combines supreme movement and style whether you are sitting pretty on the sand or playing active *underwater sports*. For only $26.25, you can buy this classic gem in blue, red, kelly green, navy-red-white, and sapphire-gold. Solid numbers, such as the Bayside Togs at, can also be quite versatile. You could wear them at the beach or use them as everyday underwear.

It would be safe to assume that most beach-going lads nowadays prefer bulky board shorts to much revealing togs. These ultra hip shorts show just the right amount of lower ab action, which seems to make the girls go wild, and spare the user from revealing too much of their cheeky behind. A colleague of mine had just taken his recently purchased Men’s Love Not War Board Shorts by Billabong to the beach test and he told me they don’t just look great on him, they also feel awesome. The camouflage-inspired print creatively displays a little flower power love detailing, which gives a totally rad interpretation to peace, love, and sand. It could just be the detailed pattern and print but this attractive design doesn’t look like any other board short because it screams individuality right down to the front lace closure and the side pocket. The Billabong Men’s Love Not War Board Shorts is made from an unbelievably soft suede fabric and a supreme performance polyester material that dries pretty fast, so whether you are fresh out of the water or scanning the crowd by the side of the pool, the shorts just hugs your body perfectly without the water pulling it down so much. This is also made possibly by the side pocket drain holes that get rid of excess water in your shorts, keeping it light as if they were dry. You can get it for yourself at only $49.95 on Women seem to can’t get enough of the craze either. The Roxy Matchback 9″ Board Shorts is in classic black and goes perfectly well with any colored bikini or tank top. It’s available at for only $39.50.

If you are looking for a more updated look, try something in between both extremes such as the Retro Dots Swimsuit by Sauvage available at in small, medium, large, and XL. Wearing something like it would suggests playfulness with a touch of class. These hybrid swimming shorts are cut similar to the boxer briefs; nestling on the hip line right below the abs and ends at just the right length above the top of the thighs. While you’re there, check out their vast line which consists of attractive patterns and colors that would suit any mood or taste. Whatever you end up wearing this summer be sure to enjoy the sun, surf, and sand.