Cleo Active Leggings

Cleo Active Leggings are a great way to get fast relief for tired aching legs. They can also boost the circulation and help with problems such as deep vein thrombosis and restless leg syndrome.

These therapeutic leggings can help everyone from athletes to the elderly, from those who spend all day on their feet working to diabetics. Endorsed by respected health professional as an alternative to “Flowtron” these boots represent an economical and viable alternative. Avoiding time consuming hospital visits means that users can really get the most out of regular treatments, timed to suit their own agendas rather than relying on sometimes scarce hospital appointments.

To get the best out of Cleo Active Leggings, they are best used in 20 minute treatment bursts. Over time they will help reduce leg swelling caused by water retention, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage and reduce aches and pains. The gentle air pressure massage action mimics the action of exercise, giving the legs many of the benefits.

The conditions which can be helped are:-

* Deep Vein Thrombosis

* Circulation Problems

* Fluid Retention

* Leg Cramps

* Build Up Of Lactic Acid

* Limited Mobility

* Ankle Swelling

Ironically both too much and too little exercise can both cause leg problems.

Not doing sufficient exercise can lead to varicose veins, smaller spider veins and even DVT. Insufficient exercise can make the circulation less effective. This can effect both those who are unable to move around due to mobility issues and those who are forced to be stationary for much of the day due to their jobs. The Cleo Active Leggings can boost circulation, keeping the legs healthy.

For athletes, the problems usually revolve around having cramps due to lactic acid build up and various aches and pains caused by the stresses on their muscles caused by the strain of too much exercise. The relief these leggings can bring is well recognised and they and their counterpart “Flowtron” leggings have been well used as therapeutic treatments in the athletic world.