Designer Kids Clothes

So the question arises, when buying designer clothes for kids, do the kids appreciate it? Or is it just something for parents? And I do not think this is a wonderful topic because in most social circles we are heavily on our appearance.

I just looked at the new winter collection of Dolce & Gabbana for kids and I must say it is gorgeous. It is one thing to wear nice clothes yourself, but you also want to have your family look good. Of course, until now we have always found clothes somewhere for our kids and lived without designers as well. But there is something about designer clothes that is just better, more splendid, more luxurious. The price classes for designer kids clothes are pretty low, too. It is actually an amazing clothing market. It is just nice to be in this kind of lifestyle and puts me in a good mood. So in other words, it is for both: for kids and for parents.

But that still does not answer the question if kids know how to appreciate designer clothes. I guess not directly. I saw a well dressed infant boy today walking down the street with his mother and sister. He was wearing a brown leather jacket, a stylish t-shirt and worn out jeans with high-top sneakers. Well, I had the impression that he does not really understand the value of his clothes, how could he. But seeing that young boy stroll down like a playboy cave has attention and I am certain kids can feel that. It must have an impact on kids indirectly, something we adults feel, too, when walking around in designer clothes and people start looking at you.

What the effect on a child is I can not say myself, I do not know about any of these psychological effects. But it must feel good for a young boy if it does for us adults. Maybe it is just that he will be a spoiled kid, maybe he will have a higher self esteem from this. Now okay, it is just clothes I know, but I can imagine that these little things sum up when growing up and enjoying this kind of attention through designer kids clothes may help a child to think more positively of this world. And maybe yes, maybe they do know how to appreciate it in this early age through this way.