DIY Baby Shower

With today's technology, many parents-to-be know if their baby is a boy or girl long before the baby is even born. When attending a shower for a baby girl, you expect to see pink, pink, everywhere pink and of course blue for a boy. The typical shower games are bingo, guess how many candy pieces are in the glass jar and word scrambles. Popular prizes for the winners tend to be the table centerpieces. This article will provide some unique ideas that are super easy to execute. The end result will be an event that guests will remember as fun, creative and personal.

Pink and blue are the typical colors for baby showers, providing the couple knows the sex of their future family addition. However, things that are typical tend to be quickly forgotten. Try shaking things up a bit from the norm, and do not be afraid of color. Dark purple, lavender and yellow combinations for girls and shades of green with white accents for boys are great for going outside the color box. Another option is to use the nursery theme as a basis for the décor. For example, if the nursery theme is lady bugs, use a red and black color scheme with lady bug décor incorporated through. Keep in mind the color scheme of the room also … you can incorporate the room colors to make things flow together.

Get creative with table centerpieces, they will be the focal point of the room. Creating unique centerpieces using various size baby diapers is relatively easy, and gives the parents a good supply of diapers to use when baby comes home. This type of centerpiece is not only cute and different, but they are gifts in themselves. A simple internet search will provide several examples and photos. Centerpieces that double as favors, like wanderfuls ( ), are also unique and can be created with almost any color combination imaginable.

Most showers have time restrictions, depending on the facility where the shower is being hosted. Generally, a shower will last about two hours; an hour of socializing and eating, and an hour watching the mommy-to-be open her gifts. For this reason, bingo is a very popular game because guests play during gift opening. Another game that is played during gift opening is "My water broke". Each guest is given a cup with small store bought baby doll inside, frozen in ice. As the ice melts, the first one with a floating baby yells out "My water broke". This game always gets some laughs! Be creative and use the internet for ideas, and get advice from friends and family. You can also personalize the prizes for game winners. Rather than giving away table centerpieces, try putting together small gifts baskets with products from Bath and Body Works or maybe even a gift card to a local restaurant.