Female Mexican Fancy Dress Costumes

There is no doubt that female Mexican fancy dress costumes are an extremely popular genre of outfit both at Halloween and at other costume parties throughout the year. In particular, sexy Mexican outfits, such as the tequila shooter type costume, are being seen more and more often at Western themed parties.

Surprisingly, there are quite a few different types of female Mexican fancy dress costumes on the market at the moment, which is why there are specialist websites online reviewing all the sexy Mexican outfits that are currently available.

Below are three types of female Mexican fancy dress costumes that you should definitely take the time to check out, before purchasing a super sexy Mexican outfit for the upcoming Wild West themed party.

What are the different types of female Mexican fancy dress costumes available?

1). The Sexy Shooter Costume

The sexy shooter type of outfit is a good example of a sexy Mexican fancy dress costume and is usually based around a tight fitting serape print mini dress. The sexy shooter outfit will normally include a sombrero and most importantly a brown belt with loops in it, so that you can fit a set of shot glasses in it. Some of these costumes even come with a pair of novelty holsters, where you can place your tequila bottles. The must have accessory to go with these outfits are a pair of knee-high Western boots, which will finish off your costume perfectly.

2). The Sexy Aztec Costume

The sexy Aztec outfit is an historic type of costume that is usually based around a red velour halterneck dress with a geometric trim. The sexy Aztec costumes have thigh high slits in the dresses, but are actually very sultry and sophisticated and so are a great choice for ladies of a certain age. I would recommend a pair of gold goddess sandals featuring four inch heels and leg buckle fastenings to finish off your sexy Aztec costume.

3). The Lady Zorro Costume

We have certainly saved the best to last with the ladies zorro outfit, which usually consists of a black zip-up top, with a matching black skirt with dramatic jagged trims and an attached red waist sash. The sexy zorro costumes normally also come with a dramatic looking black cape, an eye-mask, to conceal your identity, and a pair of black and red fingerless gauntlets. Cool accessories to go with your costume include black knee-high stretch patent go-go boots, a deluxe Zorro hat and a deluxe Zorro sword.