Flight Attendant Fancy Dress

The air hostess fancy dress costume seems to be one of the most in vogue outfits at this moment in time and there is a wide range of new flight attendant outfits available from specialist websites online just in time for Halloween.

It is easy to understand why an air stewardess costume would have so much appeal and all flight attendant fancy dress costumes are by definition sexy uniforms. However, within the genre there are a number of different styles to choose from and below are three types of outfit that you might want to consider getting for the upcoming party.

Idea One: Air Stewardess Costumes

These are the classic type of air hostess fancy dress costume usually consisting of a blouse, jacket, knee-length skirt and matching hat. These are the type of costume that you would see on passenger air planes the world over, when traveling with today's modern airlines. These outfits are always smart and sophisticated looking and are often navy blue or bright red in color. A great accessory to go with your air stewardess costume is of course a trolley suit that matches the color of your outfit, so that you can glide across the party with this perfect prop just like the air stewardesses glide through the airport in real life.

Idea Two: Retro Air Hostess Outfits

If you are looking for a flight attendant fancy dress costume that is a little bit different, then you may want to consider one of the retro styles that are available. These usually consist of a pastel colored uniform that has a definite sixties vibe to it. Flight attendant uniforms have changed quite a bit over the decades and just as the flights themselves were a lot riskier in those day, so were the air stewardess costumes far more risqué at that time as well. You might want to get yourself a 50's or 60's wig to go with your outfit, just to make it look that little bit more authentic.

Idea Three: Sexy Air Hostess Costumes

Although all air hostess fancy dress costumes are sexy by their very nature, it is true that some are definitely sexier than others. These kind of fits are usually based around a mini-dress or a jacket and mini skirt, together with high boots or stilettos and stockings. They may well be an exaggeration of what real life air stewardesses actually wear, but boy are you going to turn heads at Halloween if you turn up to the party wearing one of these super hot outfits.