Hip Maternity Clothes

You have all the cute, happening, fashion-forward, trendy, edgy, generally stylish and pretty much all-around hip maternity clothes you ever will need. You need a slight change of mind and perspective and two vital accessories. You surely must remember the magic moment in Steel Magnolias, when Olympia Dukakis proclaimed, “It is the ability to accessorize that sets us apart from the beasts.” The time has come to put that special distinction to good use. Celebrating your pregnancy by showing off the beauty and grace of an expectant woman’s body, you have every good reason to keep wearing the cute clothes you already love, and you have compelling reason to invest in belly bands and belly belts. Small investment in these two essential accessories empowers you to make powerful fashion statements for the next thirty-six weeks.

First, learn to look at your closet from a slightly different perspective, and begin applying new rules of mix and match. For example, remember all those adorable little summer sundresses that just cover your bathing suit, helping you proudly display your tan legs? They just became “flowing tunics,” appropriate for wear with leggings and jeans. When the weather turns cool, add a “baby” tee or a turtleneck underneath. If any pair of pants or any cute little denim skirt still slides over your hips, it stays in the fashion line-up, because a belly band or belly belt will make it fit your bigger-every-day belly. And take a very long, very-loving look at all your husband’s oxford-cloth button-down shirts; you know you love wearing them anyway, because they smell so deliciously of him. You own them now, and you will agree to share them, one at a time, each workday. Pair them with leggings and jeans, too. Coordinate the accent colors in the shirts with your different colored flip-flops and Vans.

Originally evolved from an old tube top, the belly band has become every expectant mom’s fashion-essential. You slide into your regular jeans, pants, and skirts, and your belly band holds them up, covering and gently supporting the baby, creating the illusion of another layering piece under your top. If you must dress more professionally for work, a belly belt attaches to the fasteners in the waistbands of your best slacks and skirts, holding them securely and preserving your smooth, tailored silhouette while you command the corridors of power. When you maintain your healthy, veggie-rich diet and your strict yoga-and-walking regime, the baby will grow fit and strong, and you will keep wearing your “hip maternity clothes” until you are deep-breathing through fierce contractions.