How to Crochet A Hooded Scarf

There are several easy ways for you to crochet a hooded scarf. You can either work the hood directly into the scarf, or make the scarf and hood in two pieces and then sew them together afterwards. Either way you make it, the hooded scarf is sure to keep you warm when the cold weather strikes.

To work the hood directly into the scarf, simply make a super wide scarf. The scarf should be wide enough to reach from the front side of your head around to the center back. Once the scarf is completed, simply fold it in half with the right sides facing each other.

Then thread a yarn needle with some of your leftover yarn and sew along the one side starting at the fold. This forms the hood, and you only want to sew as far down as the height of your head. Once you have sewn far enough, tie a secure knot and weave in the loose ends.

The next way to crochet a hooded scarf is to make the hood and scarf separately and then sew them together. With this method, you can place the hood seam either at the top of the head or along the back. In addition, you can make the scarf as wide or as narrow as you like.

Before you begin the hood, you will need to take measurements in order to help you determine the width and the height of it. In order to determine the height, simply measure from one shoulder and over the head across to the other shoulder. And for the width, simply measure from the center back of the head and along the side to where you want the hood to come out to.

And if you don’t mind if the seam falls on top of the head, then you can actually work the hood directly into the edge of the scarf. You will still have to sew the seam at the top of the hood, but this method will save you the time of having to sew the hood to the scarf. To do it this way, you will need to determine how many stitches you need for the width of the hood, and then simply work that amount into the center along one edge of the scarf. Then work the hood as normal, and finish off once it is high enough. To sew the seam, simply fold the hood with the right sides facing and sew the seam along the last row made.