How to Make Someone Miss You

Missing someone is terrible. It is one of the most terrible feelings anyone can feel. Try thinking of the possible reasons why you miss them. If you want to make someone miss you, try applying your own personal reasons if it would work for them.

For so many reasons, people tend to miss someone because of their unforgettable company. A certain person may have unique traits, qualities and actions that can be worth missing. Why don’t you try to apply these ways to that certain person? Try to find out if they will miss you for that.

Here are some ways to make someone miss you:

1. Presents – Presents are just way too overwhelming. Try associating presents with your presence. People will most likely remember you for your wonderful presents you usually bring. When they see certain things, that thing becomes easily connected to you when the person looks at them. These might be just simple things such as flowers, cute personalized albums and pins, a toy or any kind of presents. These are things worth remembering along with your presence. When you are gone or away, they will really miss you for that.

2. Time – Time is very precious. If you want to make someone miss you, try giving that person lesser time. Try not showing up most of the time. Be with that person for an hour or two and that is enough. When you give lesser time with him or her, it will only make that person miss you more.

3. Communication – Communication is the glue to any relationship. Communicating with each other allows more connection. Try not speaking with that person for days. Try not picking up the phone immediately if he calls. Allow more number of calls before you answer it. Try not responding to emails promptly and just try to avoid too much communication with that person.

These are proven helpful ways that work so far for most people. Consider these helpful ways, and you will absolutely find tons of people missing you more and more each day.