How to Select a Sterling Silver Cross Necklace for Men

The varied reasons for men adorning cross necklaces are inclusive of religious purposes and aesthetic appeal. These jewels are available in a wide assortment of metals and designs. Cross necklaces comprised of platinum, silver, and gold are popular because they are sustainable and lend a classic feel. Diamonds, amethyst, roman glass, and emeralds can also be encrusted in cross pendants. The fact that can be tailored according to the wearer’s preferences is the reason that they serve as fashion accessories for men and women.

In the range of men’s silver cross necklaces, the sterling silver varieties are favorites amongst the males because of their shiny appearance. The sterling silver array of men’s jewels contain 92.5 silver and the remainder consists of other metals for hardening the accessories.

However, you may need to consider various aspects prior to select men’s silver cross necklaces for making the right choice.


The size of the cross on necklaces is an important consideration when buying these jewels. This is because it has an effect on the weight and you sure do not want to wear something around your neck that you find heavy. The lightweight varieties are smaller in size as compared to the larger ones.

The size of the accessories also matters for the purpose of visual appeal. The bigger crosses can be spotted from a distance. On the other hand, the smaller varieties suit a variety of outfits. It is precisely for the reasons that the larger necklaces are preferred by men and the small-sized ones are favored by the womenfolk.


It would be advisable to opt for necklaces having a weight that you find comfortable. You should also adorn the jewels to determine whether you feel comfortable wearing them or not. It is also important to bear in mind that the size of these jewels has a bearing on the weight. If the crosses are smaller, they will weigh on the lighter side.

Different Varieties

You have a large choice in the men’s range of sterling silver cross necklaces and they can be chosen as per your preferences. Some varieties that you can avail include compass kinds, cross tag ones, Fleur De Lis types, Lord’s Prayer Cross Halo kinds, Maria crosses, crosses bearing Jesus, skull varieties, tiny bibles, bones, axes, Angel’s wings, dragons, silver flower, pirates, carved crosses, plum crosses and silver whistles.


It is also advised to consider your style when choosing these accessories. This is required for ascertaining whether the jewels are wearable and you can carry them with élan.

In the event of you purchasing these jewels for gifting to your male friends, it may help to take into account their personal style to establish whether the accessories will be suitable for them.


After studying the above-listed details, we can conclude that personal style and practicality are important considerations when choosing cross necklaces for men. It would help to ponder over these aspects and make a balanced decision after taking them into consideration.