Jeggings: Not Just for the Ladies

Jeggings are quickly dominating the fashion world. Even designers are now offering fantastic jeggings at outrageous prices. With more and more jean leggings looking identical to classic skinny jeans, it's getting harder to spot the difference between the two anymore. And with more jeggings taking the fashion world by storm, they are not just for the women anymore.

Men are trying on the jeggings in record numbers. There's no real reason why men should not wear jeggings. The style is so similar to skinny jeans that if you've got the body for it, go ahead and don the trend. Even fashion guru Tim Gunn weighed in on the trend during his appearance on Conan O'Brien, the same appearance that inspired the now famous Conan in jeggings videos and pictures. In said appearance, Gunn said himself that jeggings are fast becoming a unisex trend. Going that extra mile, Gunn told O'Brien, "You know whether a guy's leg is more like a chicken leg or a ham hock by virtue of that leotard that's denim and has stretch." On that note, both ladies and gents need to make sure their body confidence is up before slipping into a pair of second skin jeggings.

Of course, the whole jeggings ensemble for men is definitely more of a hipster thing, so if going skin tight is not within your comfort range, no worries. A straight leg in a snug fit will still have a skinny jeans effect without outlining every nook and cranny of the lower body. For those wanting to try the trend, take baby steps and grab a dark color like black and dark denim. A light stone-washed look is only for the truly bold. Pair it with a longer stripe sweater for the complete hipster vibe or layer a blazer or longer jacket on top for an on-trend, yet not overkill look.

For the fashion crowd, jeggings are becoming a favorite. Much more comfortable than their thick skinny jeans counterparts, jeggings are also much more fitted for a perfect fit. Men, women, teens and kids are all taking part in this fun trend that just may turn into a staple wardrobe piece. You just never know.