Sizing Leather Tango Shoes Correctly

Buying a pair of tango shoes is a little different than buying a pair of sneakers. Most high quality dance shoes are made of leather. What most people don’t remember, especially when buying their first pair of shoes to dance the tango in, is how much leather stretches.

A pair of leather shoes should fit snugly when you first buy them. They should feel a bit tighter than most pairs of sneakers that you have ever bought. The difference between being snug and being tight is very fine. There should be enough room at the front of your toes so that your toes don’t make contact with the front of the shoes but tango shoes should hold your feet firmly on the sides. Not so much that your toes are being crammed together, but enough that your toes are held firmly in position.

The snug fit may be noticeable the first couple times that you go dancing in your new leather tango shoes. But as you move and dance the leather will stretch and become much more supple. The shoes will mold to your feet and the leather will soften in the areas that you need them to soften in.

Treat the strap in the same way. Straps should fit snugly in a new pair of shoes just the same as the toe box.

A snug fitting pair of leather shoes becomes a custom fit pair of leather shoes after just a few wearings. And leather is so versatile that you will be able to match them to any dance costumes that you own.