Spending Your Summer at the Beach? Get a Surplice Tummy Control Swimsuit to Enhance Your Figure

The surplice tummy control swimsuit is a classic swimwear style that is flattering to a variety of different figures. For this reason, it is quite popular amongst plus size women. It is a one piece that has an extra layer of fabric that wraps diagonally across a woman’s midsection, camouflaging unsightly bulges in the midsection. The effect that it produces is similar to ruching. Because the extra fabric begins right under a woman’s bust line, it is adept at creating the appearance of a natural waistline where one might not exist. The definition of the waistline can allow a woman to appear as though her weight is more equally distributed across her body, which makes her appear thinner.

Surplice tummy control swimsuits are available in a variety of different fabrics and patters, so there are few restrictions on the type of colors or prints a plus size woman should choose. Small polka dots are a popular print for surplice swimsuits. They say you should shy away from horizontal stripes or overly large prints, due to the fact that these prints can actually emphasize what is being disguised. But many designers are now incorporating these designs on to their swimwear items. Floral patterns in particular are a huge trend this summer, with some of the most popular slimming swimsuit brands having various versions. In a similar fashion, women should also pay particular attention to the neckline of the surplice swimsuit. You should ideally choose a neckline that creates visual interest, such as a halter or sweetheart neckline, as this will draw a viewer’s eye upwards to her cleavage and face, rather than her midsection. Additionally, these types of necklines can enhance the appearance of cleavage if a woman’s figure is lacking in this department.

In order for a surplice tummy control swimsuit to be effective in achieving its intended task, the correct fit is essential. Therefore, before a woman goes shopping, it is imperative for her to know her measurements. If the straps or leg holes of the surplice swimsuit are too tight, it can create unsightly bulges of fat near these openings. If a woman is smaller in stature, then she should seek out a surplice swimsuit with a french cut. French cuts are cut higher in the legs than normal swimsuits; however, this cut will make her appear as though she has a longer and leaner figure, emphasizing the appearance of a smaller waistline.