Stiletto Heels

If asked to list the top three items which can boost women’s feminine charm and elegance most, almost everyone would put stiletto heels on top of the list without hesitation. It is true that in many cases, stilettos are the symbol of sexiness and feminine glamour. No women can escape the temptation of the magical heels, neither can men. There are countless designs and styles of stilettos for women to choose from, each showing different silhouettes and attraction.

Every season, from the newest collections of famous designers, we can see a lot of brilliant and exciting designs of stiletto heels, which lead the trend of shoes in the fashion world. The most popular style may go to the pointy style featuring very thin and sharp heels and pointed toe. When walking in this kind of heels, one should be extremely careful.

There is a large range of the length of stiletto heels from 1cm to 15cm. Generally speaking, shoes with the heels less than 6cm are more comfortable to wear compared with those heels higher than 6cm. However, many women especially those petite women prefer to choose sky-high heels which in their opinion can complement their body figure best. When choosing the height of heels, you should make the decision according to your preference and comfort zone.

For all kinds of formal occasions and evening events, stilettos are definitely the optimal options to accentuate your charisma and personal style. Considering the outfit you want to wear and the specific theme of the occasion, you can select different styles of the heels to complete your look. For example, the retro style heels would be perfect to match your umbrella skirt inspired by the 50s style for some semi-formal social gatherings.

Though there are so many wonderful styles of stilettos that you can choose from, you shouldn’t select blindly without the consideration of comfort. Only the ones that you can comfortably walk in will be your final choice.