The 3 Must Have Sewing Pattern Making Tools

Looking your best is easy these days if you can access the right sewing pattern making tools. By finding the right tools, you can turn a simple looking fabric into something very attractive. Most of the new tools are extremely user friendly and you need not have to set with average dress patterns anymore. And why should you settle for anything except the very best for making a proper style statement?

Sew difficult and intricate patterns

Among the most important tools that can be of great help is the designer's curve. They were understood and designed by experts in the business of pattern making who knows exactly what a consumer wants in terms of styling requirements. Any curve that you may think would be impossible to design can be made easy with the handy tool. Sewing difficult and intricate curve patterns can be easily sewed with the help of front and back holes.

With the tools being designed by leading pattern adjusting experts, the amateur dress designer can easily make great designs and also use it for commercial pattern making. You can benefit from six rulers all-in-one with the front hole curve, the back hole curve, the collar and neckline curve, the straight ruler and the cut out slot. It is very cost effective and within a few seconds you can get a pattern to adjust and fit to your figure.

To get the best from the sewing pattern making tools, you need to also use the tailor's curve which is a two piece set for doing seams that are below the hip, waist, and crotch. You can use it to adjust as well as correct commercial patterns while doing suit sleeves and patterns for men's and women's jacket and coat lapels as well.

The tool is used by some of the top drawer designers in business these days and is a favorite at all leading design studio the world over.

Get a perfect measure of your curves

The tailor's curve tool has seven rulers in one. You can do the inseam curve, the hip curve, the crotch and the cut-out slot, the lapel and the 2 piece suit sleeve curve and the jacket and coat curves as well. Pattern adjusting experts have never had it good as the tools are an excellent way to make designs that are attractive and promise to be first choices at designer boutiques the world over. These tools are must haves for sewing patterns to fit.

The Simplex expanding sewing gauge is essential to get a perfect measure of your curves. For doing patterns, you need to check out minute details as well and ensure eyes, snaps; hooks and buttons are even spaced out and follow a clear pattern. With a handy tool that also works as an expanding ruler, the L shape of the expanding sewing gauge is a must have. Pattern designing hooks can also come in handy for crotchet or knit patterns.