The Herding Abilities of a Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Today, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a breed used for companionship, and proud owners know all about the protective, loyal, affectionate nature of these little canine buddies. While the breed does not require a large amount of exercise, they do benefit from being able to participate in a variety of different competitions. One of the dogs favored activities is sheepdog trials; it may seem strange, considering the stature of the breed, but the Corgi is one of the oldest and most adept herding dogs in the world.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi's were originally bred to serve many functions, including a watchdog and hunter. Most of the dogs were also exceptionally good at herding cattle and sheep. The exact origin of the breed is unknown; dog breed experts believe the dog's hails from Wales more than 3,000 years ago and most likely descended from the Teckel dog family, the same as Dachshunds. The dogs are more than likely one of the earliest breeds found on the British Isles and were welcomed in by the Celts, Central Europeans and Vikings. The "Corgi" name actually finds its roots in ancient meaning, though what it means exactly is open for debit. There are some scholars who claim the name takes its meaning from the dogs herding function. Others disagree and think the name's meaning is the Welsh word for "tiny dog."

A Corgi is an ideal example of a breeds form following function; while most people are used to seeing larger breeds being used for animal herding, the low stature and big ears of a Corgi make it well-suited to life as an effective herding dog. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi would herd the sheep or cattle by running up along the animals and nipping and barking; the animals are annoyed by this and would occasionally kick at the dogs to show annoyance. The low, elongated body of a Corgi allows it to easily dodge and duck the kicks of the cattle, so avoiding being physically injured. With large ears, a Corgi has an acute sense of hearing and could hear the herd animal kicking and knew at the precise moment to move out of the way to avoid being hurt. Like most other herding breeds, a Corgi has an instinctive desire to herd; they will even at times nip at the heels of an owner to get them moving as a hed should. Fortunately, Corgi's are an intelligent dog breed and they can be trained not to do this.

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a popular breed in the United States and has captured the hearts of people from all around the world. Corgi's hearty little dogs and seem to have limited health-related or congenital problems. The dogs tend to exhibit a strong temperament and require early training and socialization in order to reach their full potential and become a suitable family pet. Corgi's are a very active breed and will happily play and frolic with an owner to the point of near exhaustion.