The Latest in Men's Fashion

The British are coming, the British are coming! No, this time it is not the Beatles who are invading North America or their female counterparts the Spice Girls. Perhaps it is a mixture of the two rather? Today, the latest sensations to land in America are men in tights.

You might snicker in remembrance of the movie comedy Robin Hood: Men in Tights but the matter is, tights for men are becoming a big fashion statement. As society becomes more liberal and open minded towards men's fashion, guys are beginning to explore more and wear things that feel comfortable to them and suit their personality. And yes, some men are gravitating towards men's tights.

Men's tights are not a new phenomenon. If you look back in history to the portraits of European kings and noblemen, you will see men wearing tights. It was simply the fashion of that time. As time progressed, tights for men became ill favored and only a garment that women would wear. However, some men still bucked modern convention and continued to wear tights underneath their regular pants for a variety of reasons. They liked the feel, it helps with leg circulation, and it also makes their legs look more muscular.

As men's fashion progressed, you saw men's trousers getting baggier and baggier until it made it bordered on the ridiculous that pants were half falling off bums and the crotch was almost to the knees. When things go that far, the pendulum usually swings in the other direction and that is why men's tights are making a comeback. However, instead of hiding the fact that wear tights underneath pants, men are now wearing them as outerwear like centuries before as a fashion statement. What also helped with this transition from underwear to outerwear was the fact that men have been wearing sport tights for some time now and people have gotten used to, and appreciated, men with slim muscular legs.

So far guys who have the body and the desire to wear men's tights as a fashion statement, here's your chance. Fashion is usually cyclical and this opportunity was a few centuries in the making.