This Is a Shortcut to a Woman's Heart Not a Shortcut to Her Skirt

A man would want a girl for so many reasons; one – he finds her attractive and hot, two – he wants to get laid (seriously guys let's admit it), three – he likes her, four – he loves her. Whatever the reason a man has for wanting a girl he faces one dilemma – " asking-a-girl-out phobia". I bet even the most handsome and sexiest guy in the planet gets withdrawn before a woman. Seriously, we can never get a girl to like us if we do not make a move. You know what they always say "Actions speak louder than words", if you are able to voice out your feelings for a woman through physical actions, you have a 50 percent of chance to date her.

Here's a scenario 'your crush walks right passed at you and she gave you such a cute smile and said, what's up ?!' So what will you do? Shake it off dude, here's the real deal; just read along and let's get your mojo working. The first thing you should keep in mind is that girls are beautiful, smart, and funny individuals so the first thing you should do is to get all those dirty thoughts of yours about her and leave it at the back of your mind. It's always nicer to have good intentions towards women, so the "to get laid idea" is not cool at all. Getting the girl you want requires massive power of efforts, affection, and respect. With today's world I doubted women would want to be harassed by a maniac or a guy who only wants to have sex with her. I'm going to teach you 5 ways to get a girl without compromising her feelings.

Communication. Women can speak 20,000 up to 24,000 words a day meaning they love to have conversations. You can start a conversation with a woman by asking something she's interested in. You have to understand that this is a very cruel part because you have to do a little research about the girl, clue: her friends are the best source. Or you may compliment how pretty she is today. Texting or calling her is also a good way to keep the communication between you ongoing.

Be a gentleman but not too gentle. Women are bought to be respected whatever their color or shape are. But you need not be all too gentle, show a little rugged side of yours.

Be Social. Attracting women is hard task you need to keep up by making efforts, you can start showing your affection towards a woman if you make friends with her friends as well. Beside friends are going to be your best source.

Sense of Humor. Women love funny men yet men men boring women who is always sober. Be funny by making some jokes; make every effort to make her smile. When you can make a woman smile you give her a nice feeling.

Be constant. The best way to get a girl is by being constantly present in her life, making her feel that you'll never leave her. Girls like to have a fortress to lean and be that fortress.

What I gave you are tips to lasting relationship with a woman, this is not to be done for fun and for pleasure. After all, a woman; without her, man is nothing. Now to get you confidence all worked out, visit .