Tips For Designing Your Own Crochet Patterns

Have you ever searched and searched for that perfect

crochet pattern, but none seemed to be just right, not

quite what you had pictured in your mind? If so, then

maybe it’s time to try your hand at designing your own


If you can picture it in your mind, then you can create it.

You probably have a good idea of what you are looking

for in a pattern. To bring that idea out, find a pattern that

is close, but still not quite right. This will help you get your

new pattern started.

Get a notebook, pencil and a good eraser (you will be

using that a lot). You will also need a ruler or tape


First you will need to know your gauge. Your gauge is

important as it determines how many stitches and rows

you get per inch and will make your item come out in

the correct size.

To find your gauge, crochet a small sample piece of about

10 sts and 10 rows. Use your ruler or tape measure to

see how many stitches you get per inch. Write that down

in your notebook. Then measure to see how many rows

you get per inch. Write that down as well.

You will need to do that with every pattern you design as

you may be using a different sized hook and a different type

of yarn when designing other patterns.

Now look at the pattern that you are going to alter

to find the width and length. Using your gauge results,

multiply the number of inches in the width by the

number of stitches you get per inch. This will give you

the amount of stitches to use in your starting chain.

For the length, multiply the number of inches by the

number of rows you get per inch. This will tell you

how many rows to crochet.

If you are designing a sweater, you can learn how to

shape armholes and necklines by referring to other


A combination of different stitches can produce some

very beautiful patterns. For example, you may like a

combination of stitches in an afghan pattern and feel

that it would look very nice when used in a sweater.

So in designing your sweater, do the measurements as

above, then use the combination of stitches that you

liked in an afghan pattern to create your new sweater


This can be done with almost any pattern. For example,

I was looking for a hat and mittens pattern to make for

my grandson. I searched but could not find anything that

was different and unique. So I decided to design my own.

I liked a stitch combination I had used to crochet a potholder.

I could picture in my mind how nice it would look when

used in the hat and mittens.

The combination of stitches were 1 single crochet, 1 treble

crochet. It produced a cute little bobble effect that looked

great and made the mittens seem more warm and cozy.

The ideas are endless as you have many stitches to work with

and use in different combinations.

When designing a pattern, you will be trying different things

so you will probably be ripping out rows and erasing some

of your notes and re-doing them. It takes some time, but

that is how you perfect your new pattern.

When you have completed your new design, it’s best to

type up your pattern from your notes while it’s still fresh

in your mind. Then, of course, you will want to proofread

as it’s very easy to make a mistake when typing up the

stitch abbreviations.

I hope these tips help. Once you try it, you will find that it

is not that difficult to design your own patterns and it can

be very enjoyable and give you a great sense of