What Are Moon Boots?

The creation of the Vintage Moon Boot in the 1970’s has been deemed as a turning point in fashion history. Voted as one of the most iconic silhouettes in history by Louvre, these boots continue to be one of the most recognizable pieces of footwear today. Exactly what are moon boots?

With an instantly identifiable chunky appearance and their groovy retro lettering, the Tecnica moon boot is an Italian-born footwear icon. There are now several styles and colors to choose from — nylon to glitter to fur.The newer lines certainly allow the boot to maintain its identity, but have increased functionality due to the slimmer less bulky design. Although definitely not for everyone, they are designed for comfort and recognized for their unmatched style.

Moon Boots Review – The Perfect Fusion of Fashion and Sport

This brand of footwear with easy pull-on design can keep your feet as warm as 30 F and relieve the stress and tired feelings of your legs while walking. They have a funky style, and a great fit because of accommodating padding, an excellent lacing system, thin rubber outsole and cellular rubber mid-sole designed for your comfort and safety. Styles are unisex and sizes differ in men, women and kids.

  • Outer Material: Nylon
  • Inner Material: thermal foam material
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Closure: Slip On / Lace-Up Design
  • Sizes: Men / Women / Kids (unisex)

The external nylon shell offers water-resistant feature which keeps the water and moisture elements out. Thick padded sides and additional padded soles give you the classic “walking on the moon experience”. Excellent traction system distributes your weight and balance even on snow, ice, or slush.

How Are These Different From Other Winter Shoes?

The uniqueness of moon boots is in their limited availability of sizing. The reason is, their bulk padding provides an adjustable fit so each specific size is actually designed to fit a range of familiar shoe sizes. In addition, to help you avoid some confusion, some models do not have a left or right foot.

Regarding sizes, you may fall on the edge of one of their size ranges, and have difficulty choosing which size to buy. If you are able to try them on, we suggest wearing a double layer of socks or typical socks that you would wear in the winter season. If shopping online, we would suggest the larger size as some customers feel they size a bit small. Certainly, you will feel unique with your groovy snow boots and should never worry about sore feet.

Real Customer Reviews:

“Outstandingly warm, lightweight, sturdy, comfy.”

“Easily cleaned after use.”… “Uniquely fun to wear.”

“Will enjoy these for many years to come.”

“I’ve worn this pair of boots in moderately cold, mildly snowy, and extremely wet conditions for more than a month now, and my feet have felt warm and toasty, and dry as a bone.”

Advice and Tips from Real Customers

These winter boots are heavy and reasonably flexible making them easy to slip on and off without using the lace-up closures. Choose to tie the laces when you’re walking farther distances – which isn’t the easiest task, given that the skinny laces are a bit difficult to pull taught around the back of the calf. They are not as durable in arctic weather conditions, and some styles are not waterproof in super wet weather but good for snow-mobiling and skiing outer wear. It makes sense that depending on frequency of wear some people notice that the padding may become a bit worn.

Moon Boots for Men, Women and Kids?

Indeed, we have found moon boots for kids and available for the entire family! Hollywood celebrities and rock stars, including Pete Wentz, are photographed wearing them, therefore validating the time-old question related to a ‘man and his oversized boots’. The unique experience of wearing these prove them extremely comfortable; and within a few minutes of walking around in them, you will find that you actually having fun — which is a feeling you don’t normally associate with pair of boots!

On another note when considering moon boots for men, with the padded under sole and outer sole combination, you may have to get used to feeling taller without wearing high heels — for a guy, this might be unusual, but if you’re a bit on the shorter side like most of us, this may be a good thing.

Moon boots for women come in the vintage styles and are also available in more slender and trendy designs including pink, leather and the more modern earth-bound tones.

Moon Boots For Sale

All footwear is available directly from the manufacturer, Tecnica USA or from several online retailers. Unfortunately there really isn’t much price variation among competitors so you will be hard-pressed to find a deal elsewhere.

Truthfully, at a range of $40 to $100 for a popular trendy look, they are a pretty good value and certainly much less expensive than other comparable name brands which can cost nearly two to three times more. If you’re on a strict budget, even if your child is growing rapidly and these winter boots won’t likely last the season, at these prices buying trendy kids moon boots certainly won’t break the bank.