What Wearing Silver Jewelry Reveals About Your Personality

The jewelry we wear speaks volumes about our personality. Unlike clothing that you may wear for one season and forget about, jewelry is a choice that requires a bit more of a commitment. Because jewelry lasts longer than the latest clothing fad, we tend to choose styles that represent our innermost personality.

There are essentially two camps of jewelry fans – those who prefer silver jewelry and those who prefer gold. Some may appreciate and wear both, but just about everyone has a preference to one over the other. If you’re the type who likes intricate silver necklaces, sterling silver rings, and designer inspired jewelry in brilliant silver, your choice reveals quite a bit about your personality.

You’re Not the Type to Follow the Crowd

Gold jewelry is most often represented in commercials and given the most prominent real estate in the jewelry stores. However, there is a huge following of people who prefer the pleasing look of silver to gold. This group isn’t influenced by what the masses think is the most elegant precious metal. They follow their own heart, their own passions, and have their own unique style.

Your More Interested In Natural Beauty Than Glam

Having lots of gold bling is great if you’re going for the glam look, but gorgeous sterling silver rings, richly intricate silver necklaces, and ornate silver earnings have an air of classic beauty. Beautiful, strong women have adorned their bodies in silver in every culture and society from Native American tribes to today’s classic Hollywood celebrities.

You Have a Solid Foundation of Self Confidence

Sure you could refinance your home to buy a giant diamond solitaire set in 24-karat gold. But you’re not the type to spend your kids college fund on a diamond when you could have silver cz jewelry that looks just as elegant. You don’t feel the need to brag about the karats on your hand, and feel just as beautiful in stunning silver cz jewelry that looks as wonderful as it’s price tag.

You’re On Target With Today’s Trends

Silver is the new gold in Hollywood today. Celebrities like Oprah, Angelina Jolie, J.Lo, and Victoria Beckham are sporting silver these days. And even if you don’t have a celebrity bank account, you can afford stunning designer inspired jewelry modeled in today’s hottest trends. Just because Katherine Mcphee’s silver earrings are studded with diamonds doesn’t mean that you can’t have silver cz jewelry that looks just as fabulous.

Ben Affleck showed that he had style and class when he presented J. Lo with a sliver colored engagement ring topped with an amazing 6-karat pink diamond. But even the budget conscious silver lover can steal the look when it’s from a collection of fine silver cz jewelry.

Whether your style is classic sterling silver rings or high fashion silver cz jewelry, silver is a choice that tells the world that you are stylish, independent, self confident, and appreciative of natural beauty.