Why Frequent Hemorrhoids Is A Painful Subject In More Ways Than One

You may be accredited to hearing people complain about frequent heartburn or even acid reflux, but it is not just anyone that will share their difficulties concerning hemorrhoids! The statistics of people that suffer from hemorrhoids is astounding! About half of men and women that reach the age of fifty have usually suffered from hemorrhoids at least once and many people suffer from them repeatedly. Pregnant women get this anal condition commonly. Things like lifting heavy objects and training with constipation also have the potential to cause hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids that get out of control are not just one of the most painful conditions you can have, they can also bleed and in some severe cases surgery has to be preformed to correct them when they can not be healed. Occasional hemorrhoid flare ups can be treated with by using messy creams or uncomfortable suppositories, but the relief usually does not last long and it will not necessarily prevent them from returning. Soaking in a tub of warm water can be soothing for a short time.

Avoid doing things that you know can cause a flare up like lifting heavy objects or wearing high heels if you're a female. Above all, do not allow yourself to get constipated. You have to take care of your digestive system always! Using laxatives frequently can often cause more harm than good if you develop diarrhea which can also lead to hemorrhoids. A better solution is to drink plenty of water in the first place, have a fiber rich diet, and use natural supplements that help your digestion and promote healing. Do not put off going to the bathroom when the urge hits you if at all possible.