Zombie Fancy Dress

Zombie fancy dress costumes have always been amongst the most popular scary outfits worn at Halloween parties. Inspired by the numerous horror flicks made in the sixties and the seventies, zombie Halloween costumes are always guaranteed to make an impression at the costume party or while out Trick or Treating.

Nowadays, there are a wide range of zombie Halloween costumes to choose from. So much so that there are actually specialist zombie fancy dress websites online to help you make the perfect choice of an outfit that will best suit you.

Below we have a look at three great ideas for zombie Halloween costumes this year, whether you are a man, woman or child looking for an awesome scary outfit at this year’s party.

Idea One: Men’s Zombie Costumes

Men’s zombie outfits basically fall into two main categories; the classic looking zombie fancy dress costume and those outfits that are inspired by the world’s most famous zombie, Frankenstein’s monster. The classic zombie costumes are usually based around a set of tattered clothing, normally a shirt and a pair of trousers, which show grey flesh and even decaying body parts. These types of outfits are usually completed with a grey latex zombie mask and generally look very impressive. Meanwhile, the Frankenstein fancy dress costumes are more often than not a little more comical looking and consist of an ill-fitting suit, big clunky boot tops and of course a green latex Frankenstein mask, with the infamous bolt through the neck.

Idea Two: Ladies Zombie Costumes

Ladies zombie outfits are usually female variations of the men’s zombie Halloween costumes, with grey flesh tones and open wounds sticking out of tattered clothes. Often, themes such as the zombie prom queen or the extremely popular zombie bride are used, which in a way, make these zombie fancy dress outfits even more sinister than their male counterparts.

Idea Three: Children’s Zombie Costumes

There are also some really cool children’s zombie outfits, ensuring that the kids can join in the fun at the upcoming party. The mini versions of the Frankenstein monster are always popular amongst the younger kids and some of the outfits for the younger children are actually quite cute looking. However, for older children and teenagers there is a really good range of zombie punk outfits that include some awesome accessories such as the zombie punk’s skateboard, which make the perfect Trick or Treating outfits over the Halloween period.