17 Style Mistakes Men Do not Know They Make

I hate style mistakes men do. But I know we're human beings and it's almost impossible to avoid them. When I started to dress better I noticed some things changed. What I deemed inconsequential turned out to be of vital importance, while things that I thought were essentials turned out not to matter at all. And if you're a man who wants to dress better then you definitely will be a little surprised what I say here.

I will show you 17 mistakes you do not know you make when you try to step up your style.

1. You Are Confounding Style With Dress Clothes

Let me guess. When you searched for style tips you've seen a lot of pictures with men in suits, shirts and dress shoes. So, now you might believe you need dressier clothes to be stylish. But you do not. Your new wardrobe should represent yourself. And if you're not a business owner I guarantee you'll not feel confident wearing a business outfit. From now, when you see someone wearing a blue suit with a white shirt and dress shoes remember that it could not be the right option for you.

2. Everything On You Is Too Matched

If you want to create an interesting outfit you do not need to match your clothes. At least, not all of them. So, why you try to match your pocket square with the tie and the socks with the pants? Take it easy. What you do it's too much. Match your shoes with the belt and keep the rest outfit simple. For the beginning, it's more than enough.

3. Your Clothes Colors Make You Look Like Crap

You heard you need to add a little color to your wardrobe because you dress too boring, right? What you have not heard yet is that each color has a different effect on you. For instance, red makes an excellent job if you have dark skin. But could make someone with light skin looks like he recently got out of hospital. The good news is there are neutrals and they work with everything (ex neutrals in style: cream, black, white, gray, navy blue) The better news is everyone has his own good colors and you could add one in your outfit to stand out . If you have a light skin try cold colors: blue, purple, green. If you have a dark skin try warm colors: yellow, brown, red. Remember your good colors and stick with them.

4. You Wear Clothes That Are Not Made For Your Features

You can not look good wearing everything you like. I'm sorry, but the real life does not work this way. Maybe you have a model. Somebody who already dress well. But when you buy the same clothes, they look terrible on you. Do you want to know why? Because you're not him. Maybe he has dark skin and yours is white. Or maybe he has muscles and you're skinny. Sometimes in style, your features (body, height, skin, etc.) decide your final look.

5. White Socks With White Sneakers

Every style "guru" told you to avoid white socks. But how about your white sneakers? They do not look good with another color. So, you thought it could be an exception. But you're wrong. White socks should be kept for the gym and nothing else. If you want something for your white sneakers try no-show socks.

6. You Would Alter Everything

I'm tired of alter advice. "Alter your clothes to a tailor", "Find the best tailor", "Do not forget the name of your tailor." Let me tell you something. A tailor is not a magician. It's a human being like you. And human beings make mistakes. Once I ended up with a sleeve longer than other because sleeves are the hardest part to fix. So, do not exaggerate with your tailor. Alter just what you need. Custom clothing could be a good decision, though.

7. Starting With Dark Shirts

This mistake costed me 5 shirts. Do not invest in dark shirts, until you have a solid wardrobe. That's because they're much harder to match than light ones. And if your tie it's more colored than the shirt, you will break your outfit guarantee. Start with a few light shirts.

8. You Wear A Formal Vest With A Belt

A vest has clean lines which is intended to cover the waistband entirely and lie smoothly against the pants. Belts add bulk and destroy these lines. So, do not wear a belt. If you need something to sustain go for suspenders.

9. The Wrong Undershirt

I know what you think. "I already wear a white undershirt. What's wrong with that?" Let me explain! First, your undershirt it's the crew neck. If you are opening two buttons everyone will see it. What do you do when it's heat? And it's also white. White is typically more visible and this thing affects your outfit. How about a white undershirt with a white shirt? It's a nightmare. Secondly, the role of an undershirt is to absorb the sweat and prevent stains. Not to be worn as a shirt by itself.You should never do this. What can you do instead? Wear a Gray V-neck. Is less visible as it more closely to your skin tone. And you also can wear it separately with your outfits. What do you want more?

10. You Repeat The Same Color When You Had To Match

Have you ever tried to repeat your shoe color in your polo shirt? Or your shirt color in the tie? Big mistake. Why? Because a real man does not repeat the same color. He uses another one. I do not know about you but a light red shirt with a pair of light red shoes looks too much for me. An old style rule says your tie should always be darker than your outfit. I suggest you to avoid too colored combinations as much as you can.

For instance, let's take a light blue patterned shirt with a light blue patterned tie. Do not you think it's to much light blue? Me too. So, if you want a better option go for clothes in the same color family. You could use a patterned dark blue tie with a patterned light blue shirt. Light with dark looks better. Or, a red tie and a blue shirt. Seriously. Why are you trying so much? You want to have an outfit with clothes that complement each other, not to be too closely matched.

11. Your Outfit Has Too Many Special Elements

A special element is something that draws attention to your outfit. Now do not get me wrong. Excepting a watch, I'm not saying you need any kind of special elements. Sometimes you look better with no one. But let's forget what some people say for a second. We both know a jewelry is not feminine. And one day you go out ready to buy a couple of jewelries. In fact, a ring or a bracelet stands out more than a watch, do not they? Maybe they do, but is a big change to not … if you are not learn to wear them with confidence. What I mean by that? Pieces of jewelry are attention grabbers. When you unbutton the buttons of your shirt a chain guarantee draws attention. But if you wear a chain, a watch, three rings and 5 bracelets where the attention goes? Nowhere. People do not have what to pay attention at. And what do you expected? Too many accessories look terrible. You could put the blame on the others because they have no taste. Or you could accept is it your fault and become more stylish. How? Wear maximum 3 accessories. I guarantee this way you stand out.

12. Worst Combination Ever

Short Sleeve Shirt + Necktie. If I see you, I'd think you're just a low-status person who tries to impress. Not just me, all of us. I've never seen a well-dressed man considering this combination "nice" or "bold". I consider it stupid, sorry. In fact, I think a short sleeve shirt a mistake by itself. I recommend you to have no one. They look awful wherever your body type is. Wear a long sleeve shirt. You can add what kind of necktie you want. And also, you can roll up your sleeves. This rule is essential. Make sure you do not forget about it.

13. You Do not Dress In The Proper Attire

Sometimes I ignore all style tips, wardrobes tricks and pictures with James Bond from my phone. And you should do the same. Maybe I'm wrong but if you go to the gym or in the hood I see no reason to waste your time dressing sharp. A real gentleman considers the place or the situation. Do not put on what you want, when you want. Put on the right outfit, when it's the right time. Do you work at a software company or an office? Maybe the right outfit would be something business casual. Are you going to a theme party? Stick with the theme. Do you stay home today? Dress how you want. This way, you'll do it right.

14. Investing In Bleached Jeans And Ripped Jeans

Let me guess. You always wanted a few interesting pairs of jeans for your wardrobe. So, maybe a bleached pair with threads is exactly what you need. Well, what if you're wrong? Let me tell you something. This kind of jeans is too ultra casual.

First off, "ultra casual" means that they are almost impossible to match. Go to a store and try on a pair with any blazer or shirt you want. I guarantee the reality is cruel compared to how you thought it looks. That's because of their color. Bleached colors do not work with almost anything.

Secondly, if they are ripped you almost always break the threads. Would you like to have them this way? Either you do or not, is possible to happen. Try something else. Improve your wardrobe with a few simple pairs. They are more versatile and you could match them with what you want.

If you need any idea for your next outfit try: dark blue jeans gray jeans black jeans blue jeans

Do you want something dressier? Then do not limit yourself to denim. Go for a pair of chinos.

15. Too Much Denim

Some people say you could wear double denim but in my opinion is either close to the truth. A denim jacket, a denim shirt, and jeans have no place in the same outfit. They do not make click together. At least please do not try to match a denim jacket with a pair of jeans that are the same or appropriate as shade.

In my opinion, a denim jacket looks good just with: chinos jeans in another color

And jeans look great with almost anything that is not made from denim. How about your denim shirt? The denim shirt looks generally good with gray or black jeans. Do not match it with anything else. If you want a new denim shirt then choose light blue because dark blue is too hard to match.

16. You Do not Understand Fitting

There are two types of men who dress poor fitted. Those who wear larger clothes than their bodies. Those who wear thinner clothes than their bodies. Both of them have horrible clothes. For instance, a skinny man will never seem bigger wearing a pair of bulky jeans and a bulky shirt. But the opposite is also true. Skinny jeans, tight shirts, and short t-shirts will transform him into a scarecrow. Nobody likes a skinnier man who wears clothes that make him look skinnier. To wear well-fitted clothes means to wear what is most suitable for your body type. The same rule applies either you are big, muscular, overweight etc .. So, start reading about fitting. I've covered the subject but is too much.

17. Wrong Clothes For Your Age

For an uncertain reason is possible you forget to consider your age when you buy clothing. You're not alone, though. Most men dress wrong for their ages. Even if you wear a nice outfit remember that clothes should reflect who you are. And your age is a critical factor.

For instance, let's take a suit. Do you think a suit is a must have for a man? Most magazines and style bloggers say so. But let's change the question a bit.

Is it a suit a must have for a man between 18-30 years old? No. He does not feel confident wearing a suit. He does not have friends that dress in suits. He does not have the age that requires a suit. So, there's no reason for buying one. Do you find yourself? Then remember this point. You could totally forget about suits until you pass 30.

How to Dress Better For Your Age

Are you less than 30? Go for something casual. Buy a pair of sneakers or desert boots. You could try a few lights patterned shirts or two blazers. It's enough to start with. Are you between 30-40? Business casual is the perfect option.

Note: Business-casual is not dressing up a casual outfit, it's dressing down a business outfit.

That means: suits dress shoes pants

No jeans, sneakers or t-shirts. Some people do not understand properly what means business casual. Over 40 years? Now it's something interesting. You are a real man. And you know what? At your age, you could be totally dress-up. Do not hesitate to buy a hat, gloves or a patterned suit. People love men over 40 who dress well because they're rare.

Remember you're not forced to dress by these tips. But I noticed the men who dress like I explained are considered stylish by society. Many men still make these mistakes. But if you want to be well-dressed then you could learn from their mistakes, not just yours. I'm sure you'll make it one day.