5 Dress Code Ideas for a Christmas Party

Have you started preparing for the upcoming Christmas yet? Do you want to throw a party that would be remembered for days to come? Then, the very first thing that you need to decide is the party theme. Themed party always become the talk of of the town. Moreover, there is nothing as fun as watching people in unique outfits and get-ups. Dress code can effortlessly add the fun factor to your party mood.

Listed below are some of the fun ideas that can make the auspicious day even more special. Choose any one of them and make your arrangements accordingly.

1. The funky theme

This is one of the best ways have fun and enjoy the day. Just give your guests the color code and let them decide what they want to wear. The outfit and the entire appearance should be funky and unique. This will give them the liberty to arrange their attire according to their convenience. With this theme, there will be no sense of insecurity regarding the looks and clothes. The focus will only be on having fun. Colors like red and white will be perfect for the day.

2. The Santa Claws theme

This is one of the most common themes for Christmas. In this, the color code is red and white. Every one in the party is supposed to wear the Santa hat. Make a list of guests and get the hats for them. Get someone in your family to become the Santa Claws. You can even garnish the food with this color and bake cakes as per the theme.

3. Fairy tale theme

This will bring back the childhood memories of both men and women. The ladies dressed in fairy dresses and gowns and the gentlemen donning the look of a Prince in their formal wear will get you a lot of thumbs up on Instagram. The sophisticated theme requires a lot of arrangement an everything has got to be perfect in order to welcome the prince and princess. Men in black and ladies in white will add even more fun to the mood. Your guests will remember this party till the next Christmas.

4. Cat themed party

Feline lovers will particularly like this theme. This is one way to involve your beloved kitty in the celebration. Decorate the venue with cat themed home decors likes pillow cover, wall hangings, artificial mouse, birds and things of this sort. Get you guests to wear the cat apparel. The Cat tops and tees will be simple and cute. It will even be easy for the guest to arrange.

5. Mask party

This is another very on-trend theme for Christmas. The attire can be anything as per the wish of the guest, but they will be required to wear a mask. The face should be covered, so that, recognizing each other becomes difficult. Keep the light of the venue dim and decorate the place with candles.

You still have enough time left for hosting a perfect Christmas party. Select the theme that you think you will feasible for you and make the day memorable for your loved ones.