All Hows and Whys of Purchasing and Caring for Horse Riding Boots

Being an equine lover is not only delightful and relaxing but also pretty expensive. Like you have to buy several accessories for maximum comfort and minimum injury. Even if you are not going to take part in any show or competition in the near future, at least a pair of properly designed horse riding boots is necessary. If you think that any pair of cheap synthetic boots will do the job, you can not be more wrong. However some people do purchase synthetic boots but there too, they are specifically designing for riding purposes.

Why do you need proper riding boots for your relaxing equestrian activities?

Irrespective of your riding experience, you need just the right boots to keep your feet safe. Your horse riding boots will give your lower feet the protection it needs while riding and also reduce opportunities of rubbing against the saddle. Moreover, they also help you to get a comfortable grip as the boots sliding easily into the stirrups prevails you from slipping. They can also protect your feet from harsh weather conditions and accidental injuries.

Different types of riding boots

You can choose one from the range of styles available in the online equestrian shops or from brick and mortars near your locality but you should have some idea regarding their utility. There are different types of boots available namely, tall leather English boots, short paddock or Jodhpur boots or the western style boots. The special features and utilities of each are discussed below in brief:

Tall English boots – These are the most traditional types of boots that have been in fashion since long ago. They generally reach up to your knees and have a smooth glossy finish to add to the aesthetics of your complete get up. The English boots can come with or without laces. The boots with laces on them are known as field boots as they were generally worn by field guards or officers and the ones without are the common dress boots intended for horse shows and events.

Short English boots – These boots are not intended for show purposes but they can be used for everyday riding. The paddock boots have laces in front that provide additional stability while the Jodhpur riding boots have elastic pad at the sides for more flexibility. You can also get short winter boots with extra features to protect your feet from cold.

Western Riding boots – The western style boots come in latest styles and designs and are mostly decorated along the body. These boots are also available with spurs and are loosely fitted providing maximum flexibility. You will find such boots in the online equine shops or you can also buy them at ground retail stores along with other equestrian equipment.

How to take care of your horse riding boots?

This is one of the most frequent problems faced by young riders. they do not understand how to retain the shine of their new boots while they are out for riding. It is quite likely that they will get dirty and lose that glossy shine after few days of riding but you can clean them up in no time. The following points will illustrate how:

First of all, take an old toothbrush and scrub off the dirt and dust from your boots. Scrub properly and gently so that you do not graze the surface of your new boots.

Then, use a cleaner that is specifically designed for leather or suede to remove the dried earth and clay that tends to stick on the surface.

Apply a leather spray on your boots and use a soft cloth to spread it. Then use a sponge to wipe away the foam.

Do you have a microfiber cloth? Take it and gently rub your boots with it and leave it for sometime to dry.

When they are completely dry, you can add shine to your boots with the help of a shine or gloss that is suitable for leather. Your boots will be as new as before.

Do it daily or once in a week but make it a point to do it regularly to retain the luster and shine of your beautiful riding boots.

If you wish to purchase synthetic boots like the Shires equestrian boots, then also you have to take immense care of the. Boots are indispensable to any rider and taking good care of them should come naturally. So make sure you are always in your shining horse riding boots before the show begins which will not only enhance your appearance but also protect your legs from irritation and general discomfort.