Blaklader Pants Stand Up To The Toughest Of Work Place Tests

Blaklader, although a new product line in the United States, has been around for many years. The tradition of high quality and functional products has grown their line and brought it across the pond. Their current US line sports seven different pant options for American consumers. If you are tired of wearing out pair after pair of work pants, try these. Their construction matches many of our countries top manufacturers for quality. With much of their pants made out of Cordura material, we expect you to get sick of the pants before being able to wear them out. Let us take a look at a few of the pant styles and pick out the differences between them.

The Blaklader Bantam pant with our without the utility pockets is the lightest weight pant from Blaklader. This pant features an 8 oz. 100% cotton construction with Cordura knee pockets and accessory pockets. This pant is offered in a khaki, stone, black, and navy color and although it is light, the durability from this pant will exceed your expectations. This pant will work well in the warmer climates around the country where workers are looking for the protection on their legs or if they are required to wear pants but don’t want to wear heavy pants.

The Blaklader Brawny pant is the 12 oz. cotton version of the Bantam pant. This pant features the same Cordura knee pockets as well as accessory pockets. These two areas are found to be the highest wear areas for most consumers, hence why Blaklader has worked hard to reinforce them to stand up the abuse of hard working consumers. Both of these pants feature triple-stitched seams to prevent rip outs and a strong metal fly zipper. The Brawny pant is offered in the following colors: khaki, moss, navy and black. Both of these pants are offered with and without the utility pockets. These utility pockets are attached to the pants and function similar to a tool belt. At the end of the day, these pockets can be tucked into the normal pant pockets for a clean look.

The Blaklader Heavy Worker with Utility Pockets is the ultimate pant for durability. This pant is offered in navy, black and tan colors and features a 12 oz. 78-22% poly-cotton canvas construction combined with the extra strength Cordura reinforcements. Just like the Bantam and Brawny, this pant features triple-stitched seams and a strong metal fly zipper. This pant is going to have the same pockets and loops throughout the pant as well. The Heavy Worker pant has been called tough as nails, but from experience is very comfortable as well. Blaklader believes and proves that their pants last 2 ½ times longer than other work pants. Although their products are slightly higher priced than many competitors, having to buy two to three pants of a competitor compared to one from Blaklader will lead to a savings in the end.