Body Combat 46 Review

Body combat is one of Les Mills’ most successful exercise programs, and a new release has finally arrived. Number 46 is all about getting fit faster. But is this a proper release?


For the people unfamiliar with body combat, basically it’s a non-contact fighting program using a tight choreography on popular music. Each release has 10 tracks with each trigger a different muscle.

Body Combat 46

This latest release is very cardio sensitive, especially for the legs. The first song is called Teenage Dirthouse and it’s the perfect warm-up. The simple: shuffle, jab, upper combos feels fine and probably gets you in the groove right away.

I’m not a huge fan of the second song though. The constant roundhouse kicks feel forced, and the hook, upper, hook combo can be considered awkward.

Track 3 is another Cascada song Les Mills really loves her! The moves are easy and get me sweating every time. An easy number to memorize and a real body combat crowd pleaser.

A break usually follows because song 4 is Russian and it’s tough. The lunges and knees are a lot of fun; it also marks the return of the L shape combo. Back kicks are in there and jump kicks. Beginners usually find these difficult as a lot of technique is involved. Love the song!

Contagious is the name of the fifth body combat 46 song. It’s very cardio intensive, with a lot of running involved. At this point you’ll probably feel your legs more than anything and number 6 isn’t going to help because it can only be described as legs, legs, legs.

The song is called spitfire and the combo is as simple as this: lunge, esceva, lunge, kick, and lunge. And it goes on and on, 3 minutes per leg. The music feels right and fits perfectly with the moves, a classic!

Braveheart is a classic; number 7 mixes the soundtrack with pure beats. It’s again a leg number (mostly), which, at this point makes this release especially leg heavy. The constant knees will cause sweating all the way.

The mother of all track 8s, according to Rachael, is conveniently called: I surrender. It’s 6 minutes long and keeps a flow of hooks, jabs and uppers going at all times. Finally a workout for the upper body, but it feels too little too late. Like they tried to recover the balance between arms and legs at the last minute, to no avail. This song is very tough but good news follows the bad, because track 9 includes NO push-ups. Instead you’ll be treated to sit-ups and hover only; all abs and I love it. But again your arms get off quite easily in Body combat 46 and that’s a shame.

Overall I liked the release a lot. My favourites have got to be track 1, 6 and 7. I like the music, a lot of pop songs this time round. The choreography doesn’t include any real classics (my guestimate), apart from track 6 maybe. But Body combat 46 is a nice one… for the legs. Well done Les Mills, keep ’em coming.

Body Combat 46