Cocktail Dresses For the Petite Woman

For the office party, a quick rendezvous with friends, or for that special date, many women look for that cocktail dress that can transform their look within minutes. Many times a cocktail outfit is a simple, yet elegant item of clothing that can be accessorized to create a variety of looks. It is essential for any and every fashionable woman to have at least one cocktail look. Ideally, a safe number to own would be three, but having one dress puts you in a great position to mix and match with jewelry and shoes to create unique looks.

What to look for when shopping

For the petite woman, it is very important to look for a dress that elongates your body. Whether it's a pencil style, knee length or short look, it is important for women, especially petite women, to pay attention to the way the clothing fits and accentuates your appearance. A great starter cocktail dress is a black one. Yes, black is safe yet also very classy, ​​sexy and sophisticated.

Different Styles

There is no set look in a standard black cocktail dress. The woman is the one who defines the look. With the market being planned with many styles of clothing to fit anyone's personality, it is very possible to get the look of choice for any individual. A fabulous dress ranges from short sleeve, to sleeveless, to asymmetrical.

Accessorizing your look

The key to a cocktail dress is versatility. Being able to wear your look during the day and switch up your look at night while wearing the same item of clothing makes for a fabulous outfit. There are several ways you can switch up your look. You can wear beautiful stud earrings or add bangle bracelets to change you¡¯re appearance. You can also add a colorful scarf to the waist line of the dress to act as a belt and create a curvier shape. By adding a blazer to your look, you create a more professional look. Remove the blazer at night and play up your outfit with open toe shoes and your ready for a night out with the girls.