Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Coordinating Halloween costumes is a fun idea for couples attending themed parties. You can get creative and have a lot of fun with couples outfits for any costume party, whether it’s Halloween time or not. Here are a few ideas and tips regarding costumes tailored for couples and pairs.

One creative and fun costume idea is to emulate a famous couple. You’re sure to be the hit of the Halloween party and receive a lot of compliments (and maybe laughs), by dressing as a historical, royal or celebrity couple. Choose a couple that you and your partner resemble or are fans of. If you are considering going as people involved in current events or pop culture icons. There’s a good chance that you won’t be the only couple to have thought of it. A fun twist on this is to switch costumes, with the man dressing as the female and the woman dressing as the male. You can even use this with non-famous couples. For example, he dresses as a cheerleader while she wears a football uniform. If you can find something that has a connection to the two of you, it will be even funnier to people who know you well.

Connected outfits are sure to be a humorous hit as well. Costumes like horses and other animals, in which the couple is essentially sharing the same costume are very popular. Most can be purchased at any costume shops or sewn yourselves with enough skill and time.

Going as a ventriloquist act is another great idea for couples. One person, the ventriloquist, wears a buttoned jacket and bow tie. The other goes as the dummy by painting straight lines on either side of their mouth and wearing a similar jacket and bow tie. You could even work out a short routine to perform at the party. The ventriloquist could drink a glass of water while the dummy sings, or the dummy could cleverly insult the intelligence of its handler. If you can pull it off, you’ll be the hit of the evening.

With a matching pair of black and white striped jumpsuits and a plastic toy chain, you and a friend could attend the costume party as a pair of escaped convicts. The jumpsuits can be ordered online or purchased in a store. You might be able to get the chain at the costume shop too. If not, try a toy store, or just use a rope to tie yourselves together.

Spandex, capes, and other silly items all make great accessories for costumes for wrestling duos. Go as a tag team by wearing these items. You could even carry wrestling objects like metal folding chairs. If you really want to get into character, choreograph a few short matches to entertain the party guests. You and your partner could also dress up as your favorite superhero and sidekick duo. Spandex and capes are all you need – much like the wrestlers’ costumes. If you want a slightly cheaper option, make up and create your own superhero pair rather than purchasing or renting a costume. You’ll need some crime fighting tools, of course. Homemade nun chucks and small plastic water guns will work.

In conclusion, with just a little thought and effort, you and your friend or partner should be able to come up with a few fun couples costumes. Allow plenty of time before the party or Halloween event to prepare. When making the final choice about costumes, select an idea that is fun and doable. Whether it be celebrity couples, a ventriloquist act, wrestling duo, or a crime fighting duo. As long as the idea seems fun to you, the outfit should be a huge hit.