Details About Mangalsutra for the Upcoming Wedding Season

Any Hindu wedding is incomplete without certain auspicious symbols like sindur, mangalsutra and pheras. One of the basic pieces of jewellery in the wedding is the mangalsutra which represents the ultimate bond between the couple. Made up of black beads and gold, this neck piece has a deep significance in the wedding. The literal meaning of it is auspicious (mangal) thread (sutra) and has been worn by married ladies since ages.

In ancient traditions, mangalsutra was a turmeric coated thread tied around a bride’s neck but its forms kept on changing with times. The pendant in the thread would then be woven into black beads and gold to ward of any negativity. Traditionally, ladies used to wear long mangalsutra with big pendants but, now they choose smaller magalsutra designs. The small ones not only look modern but are ideal as a daily wear.

Another trend which is at its peak is that of diamond mangalsutras. People like to wear real diamonds in pendants and a relatively simpler single chain with black beads. Diamond designs look classy and add royalty to the overall look of the neckpiece. It enhances the beauty of the bride and adds a sense of style to her routine look.

With changing times, the designs and patterns of the mangalsutras have changed by leaps and bounds. Unlike the traditional sturdy design made up of combining two or three chains, the latest designs are more elegant and focuses on fashion. From simple designs with round pendants to diverse shapes like heart, flowers and classic mangalsutra designs, everything is in vogue these days.

The choice of the kind of mangalsutra depends solely on the buyer. Modern ladies may prefer a simple gold mangalsutra design which is easy to wear while stay home ladies can go for long chained, big pendant designs that signify traditional visage. Big sized gold mangalsutras are used for accentuating traditional look during the functions and weddings. As this piece of jewellery is a symbol of happiness in marriage, it is important that you select the right design.

The designs also vary according to regions like Maharashtrians have a certain form with small round shaped designs but, Keralians choose a leaf shaped golden pendant. Whatever, it may be the design, form, diamond or gold, the mangalsutra should signify the prosperity of the marriage. So, choose a design that reflects your contentment even if it is a small pendant with simple gold design. All the best!