Forearm Forklift Moving Straps

Webster's dictionary defines leverage as "power, effectiveness."

It is this definition that makes the Forearm Forklift such a valuable tool when it comes to moving furniture or other heavy objects. You see, if you are not that strong, it gives you "leverage," allowing you to become much more "effective" and "powerful" when it comes to lifting things. Just like a lever acts to pry something, the straps act to disperse the weight of an object evenly over your forearms, shoulders, and legs. This makes the object seem lighter than it really is and helps you to prevent improper lifting techniques by taking your back out of the equation.

One of the best reasons why the Forearm Forklift is so useful, is when it comes to moving large objects that have very few grip-able areas. If you have a need to move these types of objects regularly, you know how hard this can be. Even with a few strong guys, without a good place to grip the object, their strength is useless. The moving straps counteract this problem by sliding underneath the object and providing a secure place to lift from.

Having such a tool in your arsenal will save you much time and energy. Especially if you are in the professional moving business. Even if you are just a regular Joe, however, you will still find the Forearm Forklift to be very useful. Because lets face it, everyone has a moment sooner or later when they ask themselves: How in the world am I going to move that!