Health Benefits Versus Potential Problems of Wearing Tights

Tights are a staple item of clothing in wardrobes the world over. But what are the health benefits and potential problems of wearing tights? And which outweighs the other? Tights are said to offer a number of health benefits to the wearer. They can be particularly useful in the medical field, where compression and support tights are used to delay the erosion, or reduce the severity, of varicose veins and circulation problems.

Varicose veins are caused when the connective tissues around the veins in the leg are weak, and as such blood is allowed to flow back results in enlarged veins. This not only looks unsightly, but can be extremely painful as well. High-strength support tights help to stop this problem by exerting more pressure on the connective tissue to keep everything in the right place and going where it should be. They're also used in the health and beauty industry. Being porous thanks to the materials that are used to make them, many manufacturers have decided to use microencapsulation techniques to fill the holes with various skin-benefiting products.

You can now buy tights that come with added moisturisers and skin creams, and more recently caffeine tights have become available. These claim to improve skins appearance by making it smoother and softer, and can even make your legs visibly slimmer.

In a more general sense, tights can offer an extra layer of warmth in the winter months and can help reduce back and leg pain.

However, there are also some potential health risks that can come from wearing tights. Especially when made of synthetic fibers (such as nylon) or when worn too tight, they can lead to the development of yeast and urinary tract infections. But this can usually be avoided if you make sure that your hosiery is of the right size and is not too tight in that area. Give yourself a break from wearing tights every now and again, and of course keep up with your personal hygiene.

Another more general problem is that they are extremely delicate and can suffer from laddering and tearing. But, this is not a major issue and can be fixed by repairing the ladder or replacing the hosiery.

The health benefits of wearing tights seem to far outweigh the potential problems. They offer extra support to the legs which can reduce pain and improve blood circulation, provide extra warmth in winter and can even come with added skin-benefitting ingredients impregnated into the material itself. The only major health risk can be avoided by proper hygiene and making sure that the hosiery is of the correct size. So, if you want to wear tights, you should go for it being safe in the knowledge that they can be benefitting you in a variety of ways.