How Can You Use Men's Underwear?

Well, do not you think we all live in the time where everything is disposable? For example, throwaway pens, bottles, and other things. It was my grandmother who has still kept his things intact (and working) of his times. What we know is to use something and throw it away and then move on to the next one. However, I have been working on things and trying to make them useful, out of which my pairs of men's underwear have been my center of focus these days.

So, this article talks about the various things you can do to make your used underwear useful.

As we move to the things you can actually do, you'll be needing things that will help design the pairs into different things.

1. A pair of scissors
2. Thread
3. Needle
4. Miscellaneous things

So, once you are ready with the basic things ((miscellaneous things refer to extra fabric or patches and something to beautify your piece of art) you can choose from the ideas mentioned below.

a.) Tank Top or a Sports Bra

Well, this the most basic you can do with your old men's brief underwear. It would certainly be a creative idea to have something really supportive down there. You would just need a pair of scissors and you're good to go.

1. Measure your neckline (how deep you want the neckline to be)
2. Mark on the measurement in pouch area (it is not important to have the same depth on both the ends)
3. Just swipe through the pouch area slowly making sure that measurement is right. The cut-out pouch area becomes your neckline and the waistband is what holds a strong grip below the bust.

b.) Diaper

It can be very expensive for the new parents to balance the expenses after a new member is added to the family. With all the other things that need to be bought for the baby, the diaper is an essential that is needed by the parents to keep the baby clean. However, how would a used comfortable underwear for men be of some help for the baby?

1. Get the most comfortable and soft one from the lot.
2. Lay flat and fold both the sides like you see in the diapers (make sure the folds are equal for the baby to feel comfortable.
3. Pin it up and do not stitch (Stitching is a bad idea because once done, you would have to do a lot to undo it once the child grows).
4. Place women's sanitary napkin in the pouch area so that the urine is soaked up easily without making it a hassle for you to keep checking again and again.

You can use them by removing the sanitary napkin and washing the tighty whitey properly.

c.) Pet's bed

All the pet lovers would understand what this means to them. A pet bed is one of the most important things if you want to see the pet happy and want him to have a sound sleep. Whatever be the kind of kennel that you've made up for him (a house-like or the flatbed types in the corner of a room), what matters is the comfort and coziness of the bedding.

1. Collect as many as possible (depending upon the size of the bed) briefs, boxer briefs, cotton thongs or even your bath you get.
2. Make sure they are absolutely clean and odor free.
3. See if your pet lies down comfortably on the same and is happy. If not, add more and let him feel really comfortable.

You can even stitch them together in order to prevent situations where the feline or canine is seen running around with your sensual g-string.

With these ideas, you can easily make use of the old comfortable pairs wherever it is briefs or thong underwear for men. You just have to cut and stitch with precision in order to get things right.