How to Choose the Perfect Teething Necklace for Your Baby

Amber teething necklaces have been the answer to this dilemma for centuries. Genuine amber beads contain amber acid that is known to help reduce teething pain while providing the soft abrasion necessary to speed up the teething process. So what are you waiting for? Follow the tips mentioned in this article and choose the perfect teething necklace for your wee baby:

Look for true Baltic Amber

The healing properties and potency derived from different types of amber vary considerably. True Baltic amber is the highest quality variety of its kind, created from tree resin that has been fossilized over millions of years. The concentration of succinic acid, the actual healing and pain reducing agent in amber, is the highest in its Baltic form, making it the perfect choice for use in a teething necklace for your child.

Choose unpolished beads

Amber isn’t a gemstone per say. It is actually fossilized resin that reacts to human body warmth when worn close to one’s skin and releases natural oils (containing succinic acid) that helps with the pain, inflammation, and drooling that your child will have to put up with while dealing with the teething process. Polished amber loses some of its ability to release these oils which is why it is better to choose unpolished beads for your baby’s teething necklace.

Size is an important factor

When selecting the perfect teething necklace for your child, it is important that get you get the right size to prevent the jewelry from turning into a safety risk. It should be big enough that your child feels comfortable while wearing the necklace and small enough to ensure that he/she doesn’t take it off or put it in his/her mouth. Ideally, a 12″ – 13″ teething necklace should be good for a 2-3 year old while a 4-6 year old child would need the 13″ – 13.5″ size.

The manufacture and make

When it comes to jewelry for kids, it is important to choose a sturdy and reliable product that wouldn’t break off or turn into a choking hazard. The best quality amber teething necklaces have each individual bead knotted firmly in place – a design tweak that prevents them from breaking off and scattering as in the case of the traditional necklace manufacturing format.

It all depends on the vendor from whom you end up purchasing the teething necklace for your child. As long as it is a reputable and trusted brand, you will be assured of getting a good quality, reliable and genuine product.