How To Walk Like a Runway Model In High Heels

Have you ever wondered how models or famous actresses walk in their high heel shoes? They're lucky to have stylers to coach them on the fine art of walking and posing for pictures.

I, for one, choose to wear shorts heels most of the time for the fact that I'm fairly tall – 5'9 ". my shoes out in preparation of the event way ahead of time so I can become accustomed to walking in them somewhat comfortably. I may actually be in pain but I certainly do not want to grimace, grit my teeth or wobble in front of my peers Walking in high heels or stilettos can be a difficult feat to conquer, but can be achieved with lots and lots of the three P's – practice, patience and poise.

I usually first start out standing in front of a mirror in my high heels. It will help to get your equilibrium. Have a chair handy to hold onto balance. Turn around at all angles and notice your posture, make sure to stand up straight. Do deep breathing exercises with your diaphragm.

You'll want to start out with slow, deliberate steps and point your feet out as straight as possible in front of you. It will feel very awkward at first and you'll probably look like a newborn colt on unsteady legs. Walk all around the room, walk on different types of flooring, do pirouettes if you can. Keep walking until you become more steady on your feet and until you look in the mirror and see a more confident and poised woman looking back at you!

Always use the handrail while going up and down staircases. It always helps to have your man right by your side also just in case! I've also noticed that the chunkier boots, like a platform are a little easier to wear

Wearing high heels naturally make your prominent features jut out so they add dimension to an hourglass figure and that can be a sexy plus.

Basically you just want to look as natural as you can, if you look in the mirror and see Ms.. Wiggins (remember her character, the secretary to her boss played by Tim Conway, from the Carol Burnett Show?) You'll know you're not on the right path.

Have not worn dogs for quite a while but want to bring out that dusty pair and kick up your heels again? It's kind of like bicycle riding, you never forget. Although it's probably just as dangerous if you're a little rusty. Better start from scratch and practice all over again. Remember the old saying, weebles wobble but they all fall down!