Knitting A Blanket

Those who have just started learning to knit should start out with a simple project, such as knitting a blanket. Knitting a blanket is much easier than knitting a sweater or a hat, and the blanket can make a great gift for a friend, relative or colleague. You do not have to follow a particular pattern, although those who are more advanced in their knitting skills may opt for a more ornate design.

When knitting a blanket it is important to choose the right type of yarn. For instance, knitting soft yarn is a good option if you are knitting a baby blanket because a blanket made from wool yarn is harder to wash.

It is also important to decide how large a blanket you intend to make. This way you can purchase all the yarn you need for your blanket at the same time. Running out of yarn in the middle of a project is not good, since it may be very difficult to find the exact shade of yarn you originally purchased.

When knitting a blanket for a baby, about a hundred rows is a good size. A blanket for a toddler or small child should be neither too small nor too large. You may need to purchase a cheap child’s blanket so that you can compare that size with the blanket you intend to knit.

Take time to choose the knitting needles you will use for knitting your blanket. Size eight knitting needles are often ideal, but you can use size seven or even size fifteen knitting needles if you so desire.

Knitting a blanket with larger knitting needles will help you go faster, but will also use more yarn. Beginners who are making a blanket for the first time may want to choose a needle size that feels most comfortable, and a size with which they have had some practice.

The first step in knitting a blanket is to cast on stitches. Exactly how many stitches you will cast on depends on how large a blanket you intend to make and what type of knitting needles you are using. The smaller the knitting needles, the more stitches you will need to cast on. Beginners may want to start out by only using the garter stitch, as this is the simplest method for knitting a blanket.

You may find that this project takes a goodly amount of time if you do not have a lot of experience. Plan ahead and start knitting the blanket well in advance if you intend to give the blanket at a specific date like Christmas, a baby shower or a birthday.

It may also be unrealistic to expect that your very first knitted blanket will be suitable to give as a gift. You may need to practice knitting a number of blankets to improve your technique. Practice makes perfect. Knitting a blanket takes time and skill, but it can be done with continued practice. Follow the tips given above and enjoy the journey.

Good luck.