Large Size Women's Dress Shoes

If you are a woman and you wear size 10 or larger shoe, you know how difficult it is to find shoes you like in your correct size. Most department stores generally do not carry sizes larger than 11, and then they are in limited styles. But there is good news, retailers are realizing that women's feet are getting bigger, and that means a greater selection of cute large size women's dress shoes.

In times past, shoe retailers were hesitant to buy large inventories of larger and larger size shoes for women. This is completely understandable from a business perspective, because at the time the average women's show was about 6. But as I said before times are changing.

Fast forward to present and we find large size women's dress shoes selling very quickly. Now the most commonly purchased size is an 8 1/2 and nearly a third of women are buying shoes in a size 9 or above. Retailers are scrambling to fill their racks with shoes sized up to 14 to try to keep up with the new demand for larger shoes. Believe it or not large size wide women's dress shoes are available in great styles; you have to know where to look.

Many of the larger shoe manufacturers are now paying closer attention to the growing demand for larger women's shoes. High-end shoe designers are now creating their styles in sizes up to 12, and sometimes higher, recognizing that women with large size wide feet want and buy high fashion shoes as well.

Lastly I would like to stress to you, please do not squeeze your foot into a shoe for the sake of frustration of not finding your size. Over 70% of women wear the wrong shoe size, and some do not even know it. This is one of the reasons why so many women have foot pain and other foot problems. The link below provides information on how to accurately measure your correct shoe size, and also how you can alleviate your daily foot pain.

The link below is a great resource to show you how to accurately measure your own foot in your own house. The link also has paired together a great selection of large size women's dress shoes for you to browse. Hope this helps, happy shopping!