Learn Pattern Making With DVDs, Classes And Proper Pattern Making Tools

We all long for designer dresses but the price is sky high and is beyond the reach of most of us. Only designer clothes can fit you perfectly – this is the common misconception that most of us have. You can make clothes for yourself that fit as good as designer dresses and look just like them – all with the art of pattern making. Learning the art of pattern making is not difficult at all.

There are plenty of sources like classes, DVD s of classes, books and magazines, seminars and also the internet. These are brilliant sources from which you can learn how to make patterns all by yourself. Let us explore the places from where you can learn pattern making.

• Pattern designing classes
• Pattern designing class DVD s
• Internet
• Books
• Magazines
• From various seminars on pattern designing

About The Tools:

• Learning The Measurements:

Dresses are tailored according to an individual's body type. The lutterloh system helps in making dresses tailoring them according to the body type of some people. The design of the material and the drafting is made with the help of the lutterloh system. You may also make a pattern on dresses by downloading particular software which will help you to calculate the measurements of the various parts of the dress. The measurements of the sleeves, bodice, neckline, cuts and drawstrings are all measured by the software accordingly.

• The Paperwork:

Before you make the actual designs on the fabrics, you must first draw them on the surface of vellum paper. This will make your job a lot perfect. It is a little time consuming, but the net result is worth it. The pattern making system progresses very systematically and methodically.

• Making The Curves And Seams:

The curves and seams are created by the designer's curve and the tailor's curve respectively. These sewing pattern making tools have been designed by the best designer's of the world. They have created these equipments keeping in mind the demands that are made by the customers. There are rulers fixed in these pattern making tools.

These rulers encompass the functions of 6 rulers incase of designer's curve and 7 different rulers in the case of the tailor's curve. The designer's curve can create impossible looking curves in a matter of a few minutes and the tailor's curve can create the seams of the dress in a matter of just a few minutes.

• The Final Work:

The finishing work is accomplished with the help of simflex button spacer. The spacing of the buttons, the uniformity of the hooks and placement of the eyes, the snaps are all taken care of by the simflex button spacer.

Always try to design your own sewing patterns. It is a very cost effective exercise.

Sewing Pattern Making Supplies:

Sewing pattern making supplies are available from the following countries.

• India,
• Mainland China,
• United Kingdom,
• Japan,
• Hongkong,
• Taiwan