Meaning Behind the Infinity Necklace

Symbolism has always been relevant in both literary and mathematical theories. Various symbols significantly allude towards deep and complex meanings. While logic derives meanings based on comprehensive values, literary symbols allude towards the spiritual and the insights of the human conscience. Similarly, the infinity symbol has also gained immense significance in the same context.

What is the meaning of the infinity symbol?

The symbol can be identified in various ways. It can be identified as the digit 8, a bent circle and a circle multiplied into two smaller loops. The significance of the symbol rose during the 17th century when famous mathematician John Wallis stated mathematical infinity through the symbol.

The primary meaning as the name suggests is ‘infinity’. Under statistical or mathematical concepts the results of infinity denote limitless possibilities or equations that lead to endless numbers. Within literary context, the same is used to imply limitless emotions. In other words, it is a sign of endless hope, love, faith, devotion, and determination.

It symbolizes the unique potential of humanity that knows no boundaries, where the thought process will forever expand and explore the capabilities of our race. It also alludes towards the ancient perceptions of immortality, rebirth, and resurrection, which in Egyptian context was termed as Oroborus. This symbol is a great source of motivation that establishes a limitless and powerful identity.

What is the meaning of an infinity necklace?

Symbols have been incorporated into various accessories to enhance deeper meanings. Accessories are used by people to create a unique personality that stands away from the ordinary. The infinity necklace is a relevant symbol especially for women in terms of both fashion and identity.

It symbolizes the woman who has liberated herself from the normative bounds of society. Wearing such a pendant will establish an identity that believes in endless hope, love, and faith. Further customized with the wearer’s name or picture enhances the meaning of the symbol in relation to the person.

Jewellery has always remained consistently significant and appropriate in enhancing feminine beauty. Using such symbols within jewellery further, enhances the utility of the accessory with embedded meanings. It becomes a fashionable item as well as a marker of an impressive and unique personality.

It symbolizes the free thinking women that know no limits. Centuries ago women weren’t allowed to participate outside the domestic sector due to the limitations of human thought. After their transcendence from the domestic sphere towards the economic margins, they have proven infinite possibilities by working alongside men. This is how relevant the symbol is in the context of feminine identity.

Let us summarize

The symbol is a strong allusion towards endless boundaries, emotions, and feelings. It traces back to ancient civilizations where rebirth and immortality held great significance. As time progressed the symbol was interpreted through mathematical terms and finally we have incorporated the same into accessories. Such pendants will establish a unique personality of the individual, denoting the fact that the person has Infinite emotions and will never stop to evolve along-with the progression of society.