Men's Accessories

One of the largest fashion faux pas is accessorizing incorrectly. The general rules are well-known but not very well understood or practiced. It may seem obvious that certain accessories do not go with others and so forth but doing it right is something completely different. The way you wear accessories will determine the success of your outfit so here are a few tips on how to wear accessories.

The neckline is one of the first things one notices when looking at an outfit and you need to decide whether you wan to accentuate it or leave it on the minority side. How you wear accessories will determine the depth of the neckline as well. If you want to bring it out then halter necks are the way to go. This rings out the shoulder shoulders and chest and in this instance it is best to leave the necklace out and rather go with a pair of big earrings. If this is too much skin for you then a round neck should work just fine. A long necklace wrapped twice or thrice around your neck will show just the right amount of skin with just the right amount of coverage. If a turtleneck is on the menu then drop earrings and a loosely hung necklace are a better combination.

Scarves are a popular item that also give an outfit its zest. Just wrapping a scarf around your neck is not enough, you need to wrap it around the right way for the kind of shirt you have on. A wrap at the top of the neck with the ends tucked in works well with V-necks whereas the same method with one or both ends dangling on the side or behind your shoulders is better suited for round necks. Adding a scarf to your turtle neck is not always savvy, but if you must then one wrap very loosely with one end to the front and the other to the back will do just fine. Simply hanging the scarf on your neck with both ends to the front is even better. What you do not want to do is bulk the neck up, the point of the turtle neck is to keep your neck warm and the scarf in this case is to decorate.

When you wear accessories such as belts, they draw attention to your waist or hip area so do it wisely. Tucking loose tops into thick banded belts is in but make sure you hang the belt low and leave just under 10cm of the top at hanging the bottom. Long and loosely hanging belts that are well decorated already draw attention so wearing it with simple jeans will do justice to the outfit. The waist belt with reliably well fitting collars shirts or cardigans is a great lady-like look for this day.

The general rule is to keep it simple even if you want to go big on your look. Too much is not attractive and the goes for colors, jewelery and clothing, especially when you wear accessories.