New Design Handbags of Dior

Dior sounds very expensive, and people may be afraid to get close. However, it is an indicator in the fashion world. Besides handbags, it makes clothing and accessories, too.

Dior is a famous Paris brand which was invented by Christian Dior. Dior, in French means a combination of God and gold. Therefore, gold is the most typical color for this famous brand. This color is not only used in the body of the handbag but also in the zippers of the handbag, and it is truly elegant.

The most popular series of its handbags is Lady Dior. This series was shown at the art painting exhibition of Paul Cezanne, held at Grand Palace in Paris in 1995. At the opening ceremony, the new design handbag was sent as a present to Princess Diana. At that moment this series was called gracefully “Lady Dior”. From then on, it always has metal pendants, particular plaid design, and smooth sheepskin. Moreover, it is produced by ninety five precise procedures and introduced into the market in 1995. The new introduced handbag of 2009 is made of wild animal skins, such as crocodile skins. Both wild animal and sexy woman are attracted.

As Black Friday 2009 approaching, you will search online to find whether this famous brand has some discounts. Some stores have already posted their sale list at This web has an annual Black Friday Excel spreadsheet for this special occasion, covering 31 major stores, such as Best Buy, Kohl’s, Newegg and so on. Check it now and you might have a surprise.