Preschool Skill Combinations

Start with teaching the very young kids combinations of the positions you start with the first day.

Position Combinations

squat, Ta-Da, straddle stand
straight body, lunge, strait body
straddle sit, pike, straddle
straddle, pike, v-sit
v-sit, pike, straddle
pike, v-sit, straddle
pike, v-sit, inverted pike
pike, v-sit, straddle v-sit

Animal Walk Combinations

bear walk, camel walk, bear walk
bear walk turn to crab walk
crab walk forward, backward, turn to bear walk
bear walk, camel walk, bunny hops
bunny hops, bear walk, camel walk
horsey kick 2x, bear walk, bunny hops
camel walk, bear walk, bunny hops turn to crab walk
bear walk, horsey kicks, camel walk

* Any combination of animal walks and tumbling skills

bear walk, bunny hop, side bunny hop, cartwheel
camel walk, forward roll, bear walk
crab walk turn to camel walk, horsey kicks
forward roll step-out, horsey kick, camel walk
crab walk, table top walk, turn to bear walk

*** Explanation of Animal Walks
Camel walk-all fours with strait legs; tummy to the ground
Bear walk-same as above; with bent knees
Horsey kick-all fours kicking the legs up alternately
Bunny hops-all fours moving both hands and then both feet at the same time
Crab walk-all fours with the tummy to the ceiling walking
Table-top-like crab walk with trunk parallel to floor


forward roll land in pike, touch toes, v-sit, straddle roll
forward roll land in straddle straddle roll
forward roll step-out, bear walk three steps
handstand snapdown, back roll
rock-n-roll, backward roll
rock-n-roll, forward roll
forward roll cross feet, turn, back roll
cartwheel to round-off
round-off, back roll
back roll step-out, turn, back roll
straddle roll land in squat, forward roll
handstand, forward roll
handstand, forward roll step-out, cartwheel
cartwheel, round-off, back roll
back straddle roll land in squat, back roll
forward roll, back roll
cartwheel, handstand forward roll

Balance Beam

2 L-kicks, lunge
2 chasse, front scale
tuck jump, chasse, lunge
walk forward 2x, releve turn, walk backward 2x
walk sideways 2x, side chasse, tuck jump
2 chasses, releve turn, walk backward
2 L-kicks, chasse, front scale
front scale, chasse, squat turn
chasse 2x front scale, squat turn, walk backward
lunge to knee scale
sideways step togethers, side chasse 2x
sideways step togeters, step across, step together
sideways step togethers, chasse, step across
sit in pike, v-sit, swing legs down in straddle and up step-stag 2x, chasse 2x, lunge
plie walks 2x, chasse 2x, lunge
lunge, step-stag 2x and chasse
develope walks 2x, L-kicks, step-stag
step = hops 2x, front scale, chasse 2x
2 side kicks, turn to side and side chasses
stride leap, assemble, tuck jump

Uneven Bars

long hang shimmy, straddle shoot, rear support
tuck hang shimmy, tuck shoot t turn and swing
swing, regrasp, swing and land
front support, forward roll dismount
back hip pullover, front support, forward roll dismount
long hand shimmy, 2 chin-ups, swing and land
back hip pullover, back hop circle
sole circle swings and dismount
front support, cast, sole circle dismount
pull over high bar to front support, forward roll dismount
tuck hang shimmy, swing and jump over a barrel
long hang shimmy, pull legs over to inverted straddle
hang in pike and shimmy to inverted straddle or pike
pull over high bar, back hip circle, forward roll down
swing in long hang, t turn, back swing dismount
tuck hang shimmy, tuck shoot, roll to t turn, forward roll dismount
long hang shimmy, straddle shoot, pull over high bar
back hip pullover, cast to pike
back hip pullover, cast to straddle
back hip pullover, back swing dismount t turn


When young gymnasts learn combinations of skills that they begin to flow into routines more easily. As an instructor you can take any of these position combinations, the animal walk combinations and put them with the tumbling combinations. Obviously these are not all the possible skills that can be put together. Use this as a guide to make up you own.