Prima Donna Autumn Winter Review 2010

After a spring summer filled with gorgeous blues, whites and peaches the new autumnal Prima Donna will soon be on its way. The collection is filled with rich warm colors that have developed from the strong presence of reds and purples from 09 to more muted soft tones.

The collection combines some re-colourings as well as new designs. The hugely popular Alexandrie from the spring summer collection has been brought out in a chocolate with subtle orange accents. It works well with the delicate floral embroidery and is really shown off the unique double spaghetti strap which proved some popular in the summer. The Atlantis is the other range that has benefited from a re-coloring. The paisley kasmir motif looks particularly eye catching in the ice gray and I think it is more eye-catching than any of the previous colors from last winter. The embroidery looks striking against the sheer tulle.

As beautiful as the re-coloring are they just do not elicit the same anticipation as the new ranges. There are three new ranges with something for every Prima Donna fan. The Copenhagen is a timeless classic in a transparent tulle with subtle color accented embroidery. It is available in the traditional full cup, balcony and even a smooth cup shaper. More and more of the ranges are featuring the popular shaper bra and with this range coming in black, white and gray it is a great alternative to the satin shaper bra.

If you prefer a little more color in your winter wardrobe the Stockholm is a good place to start. With the choice of red, black with cerise embroider of the ocean blue it's difficult to choose between them. Red will unduly do well over the Christmas period but I think the black is my favorite because of the contrast in the embroidery. The pretty cerise floral embroidery really pops against the sheer black tulle. The range features the stunning tulip cut balcony bra. This is a contemporary cut and has proven to be very popular with the Plums Lingerie customers, it was first seen last winter in the Prima Donna Oz and is now making an appearance in more and more ranges.

Every season there is a collection that is their seasonal special, it's the series that takes your breath away, combining beautiful design with the most gorgeous colors. This winter that title is held by the Helsinki. It is amazingly glamorous and uses a new technique giving the embroidery a semblance of a shadow effect. It's the range that has the luxury balcony bra with vertical seaming to give a lower cut while still giving the perfect amount of support. I already have my eye on the basque however this season it only goes up to the F cup. This is a tad disappointing but the bra does go all the way to the 44H. The Helsinki epitomises the muted tones that define this autumn winter. The strong purples from last year have been replaced with a softer midnight violet and the ocean blue as seen in the Stockholm is echoed in the empire green.

The ranges from Prima Donna this season are as strong as ever but it is disappointing that none of the ranges have a suspender belt included. I expect that the Stockholm will do exceptionally well with the black providing to be the most popular but will probably have something to do with it being my favorite. The Stockholm will certainly feature on quite a few lists to Santa so ladies it's time to make sure you've been a good girl.